Cornish crab, Heritage tomatoes and basil aioli


Serves 4


2 cloves of peeled garlic
1 small bunch of basil (twelve or so small leaves reserved for decorating)
Cornish seasalt
1 egg yolk
1 lemon
250ml pommice oil
1kg cock crab (boiled for 15 minutes in salted water, removed and allowed to cool)
200ml light olive oil
1kg heritage tomatoes


Lightly chop the garlic and place in a mortar.

Lightly chop the basil and add to the mortar along with a pinch of salt.

Using the pestle grind the garlic and basil to a paste.

Add the egg yolk and a good squeeze of lemon juice and then start to add the oil slowly mixing as you go so that it emulsifies into to a mayonnaise consistency. 

Check the seasoning and add more lemon and salt as required. This can also be done in a small blender.

For the crab remove the claws and legs which can be cracked and picked.

Remove the body of the crab and remove the gills (dead mans fingers). Reserve the brown crab meat and shells for soup.

Split the honeycomb part of the body in half and pick out the white crab meat. Once you have the entire white meat pick through to remove any shell and dress with lemonjuice, olive oil and salt.

Wash the heritage tomatoes and dry. Cut them into thick slices and wedges and arrange on a plate, season with salt and milled black pepper.

Top the tomatoes with random small piles of crab followed by the basil aioli. 

Finish with the reserved basil leaves and a little olive oil.

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