Roast Tip #1 – Beef

How to make the perfect…. Roast Beef

Preparation is everything


When choosing your joint of beef make sure that it’s been well hung – this will make the meat tender and soft when it’s cooked. You know that lovely sort that melts in your mouth.

Supermarkets tend to hang their meat for 14 days but Executive Chef Neil Haydock always looks for beef that has been hung for at least 20 days.

If possible, buy from your local butcher – the meat will most likely be better quality and value.

We serve rib of beef in The Beach Hut , it’s our favourite cut as it has a good fat content and this allows the meat to be self-basting.


Meat needs to rest. But it’s often overlooked. Never serve your beef piping hot, always rest it for half the cooking time and you’re dish will be lovely and tender. Cover the meat in tin foil and use warm plates so you don’t lose the heat.


Having a good, thick bottomed roasting pan prevents you from having to seal your meat before roasting and allows you to heat the oven to its maximum. To keep the tenderness, heat the oven to 250 degrees, roast the beef for 20 minutes to caramelise, then turn it down to 150 degrees and roast slowly. The amount of time you roast a joint for depends on it’s weight, so look up the recommended roasting time online or ask your local butcher.


Season your meat well. We use Cornish sea salt and pepper in the Beach Hut but you might want to add a selection of herbs during the last 10 minutes of roasting. Why not try rosemary or thyme.

Roast Tip #2 – Gravy – Coming Soon


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