Roast Tip #2 – Gravy

How to make the perfect… Gravy


Always use the roast juices as these hold much more flavour. While your meat is resting elsewhere, add some water to the pan and heat to release all the delicious caramelised flavour. Then add red wine and stock to taste.

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Pour into a tall container and leave to settle in the fridge, that way you can easily remove the fat from the top. The great thing about gravy is that you can freeze it ready for your next roast. Once it’s cooled and you’ve removed the fat, pour the remaining gravy into an airtight container and leave in the freezer. When it comes to reheating, defrost the gravy and thicken with some arrow root or cornflour (dissolve with a little water or red wine before adding)


The best stocks will be yours! But supermarket stock cubes are nearly as good. Top chefs are known to use them in their restaurants.

Chef’s top tip: make your gravy from the roast juices.


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