Roast Tip #4 – Veggies

How to make the perfect…veggies!



Cut into batons or discs and just cover with water. Add the zest of an orange, some white wine vinegar (to balance the sweetness of the carrots) and a knob of butter, cover and as the water boils away the butter will emulsify the  carrots.


You can roast these, along with onions, carrots and peppers. Peel and place on a roasting tray with a drizzle of maple syrup and oil for a different flavour. Roast until golden brown.

Curly Kale

A good Autumn veggie. Strip the leaves and boil, making sure it’s completely cooked through. You want it soggy not crunchy! Add chopped anchovies to taste instead of seasoning.


Add garlic and cream, Rodda’s of course, and add to a pan. heat until completely wilted.

Partner your perfect vegetables with roast beef, gravy and potatoes.


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