Roast Tip #5

How to make the perfect…chicken!


If beef aint your bag, how about chicken.

Butter or oil the skin all over, then season (if you don’t oil or butter the seasoning will simply fall off). Add half a lemon and/or rosemary, thyme, bay into the cavity for extra flavour.

Like with beef, put the chicken into a really hot oven and then turn it down. Once it’s cooked make sure you rest it for half the time it was cooked for. A warm plate and gravy will heat it up again.

Once the roast is finished with, use the chicken bones to make stock which you can freeze to use in gravy at a later date.

Chef’s top tip!

If everyone in your house fights over the breast and nobdy wants the legs, buy a crown, it will cut down on your cooking time!

But, you are missing out if you don’t eat leg meat! They are packed with flavour. Use the meat in soups and curries.

And don’t forget the veggies and potatoes.


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