In Season – May


As the weeks move towards summer it becomes easier to eat more local and seasonal produce. April and May means asparagus. With such a short season, you need make the best of it while its here, along with all the green veg like broad beans and wild garlic.

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Fruit & Veg
Broad beans
Cornish new potatoes
Pea shoots
Salad onions
Wild garlic

Lemon sole

Broad beans


Broad beans are a great crop grown widely throughout Europe. They are a great source of protein and carnohydrates working well in stews and fresh spring salads.

Top tip: Buy broad beans as fresh as possible; pods should be firm and crisp. Avoid any that feel soft.

Perfect match: Head Chef of The Living Space, Adam Stock, enjoys broad beans with iberico ham for a spanish infused dish.



Lettuce are available in a vast number of varieties, from crisp leaves to soft. Growing from a central stalk to form and spherical head. Most are green but you can get red/pink varieties.

Top tip: Although mainly eaten raw in salads, lettuce works well in soups or braised as a side dish.

Perfect match: Shred and add to a spring salad. Or make it the main feature of a Caesar salad like that on the Living Space menu.

Cornish new potatoes


Cornish new potatoes are the first potato to be harvested in the UK each year. Cornish Earlies, as they are known locally, are a real sign that spring has arrived in the county. Our popular potatoes are know for being sold ‘dirty’, i.e. unwashed, as growers believe it retains the flavour and freshness.

Top tip: Keep them whole. Divide your potatoes into similar sizes and cook whole, this will give the potato a fluffier middle and lock in flavour.

Perfect match: In the Living Space we serve them boiled and buttered with hot smoked salmon, chives and fennel. It’s a real winner!

Wild Garlic


A.k.a 3 cornered leek. Wild garlic is everywhere at this time of year in Cornwall. In fact the distinctive smell of wild garlic greets you as you drive to Watergate Bay past the airport. Unlike common garlic, it’s the leaves that are eaten rather than the bulbs or flowers. The taste is delicate, often likened to that of chives.

Top tip: Use the flowers of wild garlic as means of decoration only. If you eat one, you’ll taste it for the rest of the day as it has an intense, overpowering flavour.

Perfect match: Wild garlic goes extremely well with lamb, or blend it into a wild garlic and nettle soup.

Recipe: Cornish monkfish with asparagus, new potatoes and wild garlic pesto.

Spider Crab


Looks scary. Tastes good. Spider crab, much like it’s relatives, yeilds sweet, dense meat in it’s legs. Male crabs tend to be bigger and harbour a heavier, richer meat, whilst the females are known for a lighter, sweeter meat.

Top tip: Spider crabs are a more sustainable breed of crab, so try them instead of other varieties like Atlantic blue crab, or the European Brown crab.

Perfect match: Flake the crab meat into an Asian infused salad with cucumber and sesame dressing.

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