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Electric Beach Festival 2014

Last weekend, 7/8 June, the third Electric Beach Festival took place at Watergate Bay. The sun shone, the cider flowed and the music pumped.

People young and old, came together to enjoy two days of old school hip-hop, electronic, dance and techno music. Acts such as Grandmaster Flash, Zion Train, Sam and The Womp and DJ Maseo blew the roof off Watergate Bay and got the crowd jumping.

Check it out.





















Grand Master Flash
Sam and the Womp
Renegade Brass Band
Running numbers
Land of the Giants
Aldo Vannucci Wonkey Legs & Hong Kong Ping Pong

Zion Train
Dizraeli and the Small Gods
Dj Maseo – De La Soul
Lloyd Yates
O’Neill Surf film
The People’s String Foundation
Albert Jones
DJ Samiad

Electric Beach Festival in association with ION Camera, O’Neill, Pistonhead Larger and Student Surf Masters.
Photography: Lewis Harrison-Pinder

Sundowner Sessions at Lusty Glaze


Lusty Glaze Beach is developing a reputation as an amazing live music venue. The natural amphitheatre of this horseshoe shaped cove surrounded by high cliffs makes a truly remarkable concert venue.

Bands and musicians love performing here as there is a unique atmosphere here which makes for a memorable musical performance for audience and performers.

Last year saw an amazing line up play the Sundowner Sessions on the beach and this year is no different. Check out the line up…

Fisherman’s Friends


Friday 4 July
If folk is your thing, this is for you. Fisherman’s Friends are a male singing group from Port Isaac, Cornwall, who sing sea shanties. Whilst essentially an acappella group, their studio recordings now often include traditional simple instrumentation.

Tickets are available through the office on 01637 872444, or online via Seetickets.

The Feeling


Thursday 24 July
BRIT award-nominated English rock band will be making their Lusty Glaze debut this year, bringing back their well known hits such as ‘Fill My Little World’ and ‘Sewn’.

Tickets are available through the office on 01637 872444, or online via Seetickets.



Thursday 31 July
Morcheeba are a British band, mixing influences from trip hop, rock, adult contemporary, folk-rock and downtempo. They have produced eight albums since 1995, two of which reached the UK top ten.

Tickets are available through the office on 01637 872444, or online via Seetickets.

Newton Faulkner


Friday 1 August
Known for his characteristic percussive style of guitar playing, Newton Faulkner topped the UK album chart with ‘Hand Built By Robots’, featuring songs such as ‘Teardrop’ and ‘Gone in The Morning’.

Tickets are available through the office on 01637 872444, or online via Seetickets.

Simon & Oscar from Ocean Colour Scene


Sunday 17 August
Ocean Colour Scene, a well know Brit-pop band have had five Top 10 albums and six Top 10 singles to date. This year see Simon and Oscar perfom an acoustic set of songs you’ll know and love.

Tickets are available through the office on 01637 872444, or online via Seetickets.


Monday 18 August
Simply, there is no one else quite like Bellowhead. Formed in 2004 this 11-piece big band fuses an exceptional amount of individual musical talent into something unique and truly uplifting.

Tickets are available through the office on 01637 872444 or online via Seetickets.


The live music doesn’t stop their either, throughout the summer Lusty Glaze are putting on a whole host of free Sundowner Sessions. Find the line up here.

Zacry’s almond milk panna cotta



500ml almond milk
500ml double cream
80g caster sugar
4 gelatine sheets



Mix the almond milk, double cream and caster sugar together and bring to the boil so the sugar dissolves.

Soak the gelatine in cold water.

When boiling add the gelatine and whisk. Then pass through a strainer and pour into small moulds to set over night in the fridge.

Top tip: Serve with seasonal fruits with some acidity to cut through the sweetness. In Zacry’s we like to serve it with poached pear and honeycomb, or poached Italian white peach, Champagne jelly and granola.


Beach Hut Lemon Mojito

At The Beach Hut we add a twist of lemon to the classic mojito recipe to give it an even more citric kick.


Makes one


Fresh mint leaves
Lemon wedge
1/4 Lime
25ml Golden Rum
25ml Lemon Vodka
1/2 tsp brown sugar
Soda water

Glass: Tall


Muddle together the squeezed wedge of lime, vodka, rum and 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar. Do this vigorously as you need the brown sugar to dissolve.

Place 4-5 mint leaves in your hands and clap to release the essential oils. Add this to the mix and continue to muddle.

Meanwhile, fill your glass with crushed ice, layering with more mint leaves as you go. Strain the muddles mix into the glass, top up with soda water and garnish with lemon wedge and mint.



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Zacry’s Fried Rabbit

The Colonel doesn’t give away his secret recipe but we’re happy to share ours.


Serves 2


2 rabbit legs
1pt buttermilk
1tbsp plain flour
1tbsp paprika
1tbsp garlic powder
1tbsp dried thyme
1tbsp oregano
1tbsp cornflower
1tbsp milk powder
Pinch cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground white pepper
1/2 tsp ground mustard powder
50ml sparkling water

Oil for frying


Soak the rabbit legs in buttermilk for 48 hours before cooking to tenderise the meat.

Mix all of the dry ingredients together.

keep a cup of the dry mixture aside and with the rest slowly add sparkling water until a thick batter is made.

Dust the rabbit leg in the dry mixture and then coat in the thick batter, finally dusting it with a second coat of the dry mixture.

Deep fry at 170 degrees for 5 minutes and then finish in the oven for 4 minutes also at 170 degrees.

Serve with coleslaw and spicy ketchup.


Top tip: Rabbit is a notoriously dry meat, but at Zacry’s we soak the rabbit in buttermilk for 48 hours to break it down. The preparation also manages to make the gaminess more subtle.

Top tip: Double-dipping the rabbit in two coats of the dry mix means you’ll get a great crunchy texture once fried.

Spring Martini from Zacry’s

Over the years, the Martini has become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages. At Zacry’s we combine ours with elderflower cordial and infuse it with cucumber.



4 slices of cucumber
70ml Tarquins Cornish Gin
20ml Elderflower cordial

Glass: Martini glass


Muddle the cucumber in shaker.

Add the gin and cordial and shake.

Strain into glass and garnish with cucumber slice.


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In Season – June


The weather’s getting warmer and the summer fruits are on their way. Cherries and mangoes are both in season throughout June. Although both work well with other foods, we like them best when washed and eaten raw.

Find out what else is in season in via our Pinterest board.

Fruit and Veg
Broad Beans
French Beans
Globe Artichoke
New Potatoes
Peas and sugar snaps
Salad onions

Fish and Seafood

Meat and Game
New Season lamb



Fresh cherries are one of the best things about summer, they are much loved for their succulent flavour and good looks. Depending on which of the hundreds of varieties you choose, the juicy flesh can be sweet or sour.

Top tip: It’s always a good idea to try before you buy to make sure you get the flavour you prefer. Look for cherries that are plump, shiny and have their stalks attached.

Perfect match: Whilst sweet cherries taste good on their own, the more acidic ones work great in pies, crumbles, cheesecakes and tarts.



Also known as Princess Anne’s Lace, the white flowers from elderberry trees are a delicate ingredient often used in drinks and sorbets.

Top tip: Make sure you wash the flowers before use to rid them of any dirt or bugs.

Perfect match: Elderflower pairs beautifully with gooseberries and grapes. In Zacry’s we use elderflower cordial in one of our most popular cocktails, the Cornish Gold.



Native to South and Southeast Asia, the mango is a juicy stoned fruit that’s certain to add a tropical twist to your food. With rich flavour and succulent texture this fruit is magical.

Top tip: To test a mango for ripeness press the ends firmly, if they yield slightly to the pressure they are ready to eat. If not, they can be left to ripen in a sunny spot.

Perfect match: Mangoes match perfectly with seafood, from scallops to cod, prawns to lobster. It’s rich flavour compliments light seafood. Other wise peel them and eat raw!

Recipe: Chocolate and mango pudding.

Peas and sugar snaps


Peas are a type of legume that grow in long pods which are best eaten just-picked or from frozen. Often frozen peas can have a more heightened flavour than fresh as they have developed their flavour during freezing.

Top tip: Boil for 2-3 minutes in water with a pinch of sugar to bring out the sweetness, but not salt as they’ll toughen up.

Perfect match: Once cooked stir through mint and butter and season to taste.



Thought of as ‘The King of Crustaceans’, lobster is a delicacy with sweet, white, firm meat. Generally speaking the colder the water in which the lobster was fished, the better the flavour.

Top tip: For ease, ready split, cleaned and cooked lobster is the most practical. But if you are looking for lobster to cook yourself try get one with a brightly coloured shell and a slightly curled tail.

Perfect match: Garlic butter and chips, they way it’s served in The Living Space throughout summer.

Rhubarb Bellini

Originating in Venice, a traditional bellini is a mixture of prosecco and peach puree. However, these days there are many variations including the Rhubarb Bellini from Zacry’s.



15ml rhubarb puree
15ml rhubarb chase vodka
100ml Prosecco

Glass: Champagne Flute


Fill the champagne flute with prosecco.

Add the puree and vodka and serve.


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Cornish asparagus with truffle mayo – Zacry’s

In Zacry’s we make our own mayonnaise daily but this recipe will work well with good quality shop bought mayonnaise to save time, or if you are only cooking for a few guests. The star of the show is always the asparagus.

As a starter this dish can be served with Parma ham, parmesan, rocket or even a fried duck egg. It’s a very flexible dish and makes the most of the short asparagus season.


Serves 4 as a starter or 6 as a side.


150g Cornish asparagus
80g mayonnaise either homemade or a good quality shop bought
Truffle oil or truffle paste
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Good quality olive oil


Trim, then blanch the asparagus in boiling salted water for 2 minutes, then refresh into ice water which will stop the cooking straight away and keeping it from discolouring.

Mix the mayonnaise with truffle paste and add a squeeze of lemon, then season to taste.

To serve, grill the asparagus lightly, finish with olive oil and spoon the over the truffle mayonnaise.


BBQ Mackerel with Asian pesto

Whole mackerel works so well on a barbecue. It’s best straight out of the sea and onto the grill. And Asian pesto is the perfect complement, packed with herbs and fresh flavours, singing of summer.

Top tip: If during the cooking the barbecue flares up and the flames start to burn the fish, use a spray bottle containing water on mist and douse the flames.



1 bunch basil
1 bunch coriander
1 bunch mint
200g roasted peanuts or macadamia nuts
2 cloves of garlic
30g castor sugar
100ml toasted sesame oil
Juice of 2 limes
1 medium strength red chilli halved seeds removed and finely chopped
Peanut oil
Fish sauce to taste
4 large mackerel gutted and cleaned


Wash the herbs, dry and pick the leaves from the mint.

Blend the nuts, garlic and sugar. Add the herbs and create a paste before adding the sesame oil, lime juice and chilli.

Pour in the peanut oil until the right consistency is achieved and season with the fish sauce.

Cut the mackerel 3 or 4 times across the fillet on both sides to allow the heat to penetrate the fish and expose more surface area for charring.

Place the mackerel on the grill of the preheated barbecue and cook for 3 /4 minutes on each side.

Remove from the heat and leave for a couple of minutes before spooning over the pesto and serving.

BBQ-at-Watergate-Bay (1)