Sample menu

We always use fresh ingredients that are local whenever we can and our menu changes with the seasons.

Small plates & sharing: a taste of things to come

Focaccia, olive oil and aged balsamic £5.50

Italian olives – 150g jar £5.00
We have tasted them all (well nearly) and think these are the best.

Soup £7.50
Changes daily – see blackboard. Served with a rustic baguette and butter.

Smoked prawns £6.50
Pot of smoked prawns in their shellS served with harissa mayo.

Living Space board – meat or veggy £17.00
Ideal as a main course for one or shared as a starter for two. Cured meats, cheese, roasted garlic houmous, ITALIAN olives, roasted vegetables, and chillies. Served with grilled flat bread. And for the veggy board, lots more veggy things!


Salads: dressed to impress

Caesar salad £9.00
Crisp cos lettuce, sourdough crostini, boiled free range egg, bacon and white anchovies, smothered in creamy Caesar dressing.
With chicken £12.00

Grilled haloumi £12.00
Marinated, grilled haloumi served with shaved fennel, ruby grapefruit, sumac and pomegranate dressing.

Greek salad £15.00
Barrel aged feta, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, red pepper, olives, mint and parsley with olive oil, red wine vinegar and oregano.

Bang bang prawn £12.00
Marinated king prawns, cucumber, carrot, Chinese leaf and topped with a spicy peanut and Asian pesto.


Large plates: hearty & wholesome

Classic LS burger £10.50
Cured pork and beef patty, brioche bun, mayo, cheese, gem lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, sweet mustard, onion and fries.

LSFC £10.50
Fried chicken, pickled slaw, chilli mayo, and gem lettuce, served with fries.

Living Space fishcakes £13.00
Three hand-rolled fishcakes served on a yoghurt, preserved lemon and dill sauce with peppery rocket.

LS fish and chips £14.00
beer battered, Market fish with WB ketchup, tartare sauce and lemon. See board for today’s fish.

Living Space mussels £11.00
Cornish mussels, riccia pasta, tomato and smoked paprika.

Steak and fries £16.00
Sirloin steak – served with fries, onion rings and a choice of flavoured butters:
Blue cheese & caramelised shallot, devilled or Paris butter (anchovies, garlic, capers and parsley)

10oz chestnut wood smoked gammon £15.00
Honey and thyme roasted peaches and fries.


Sandwiches: properly filling

Grilled shepherd’s loaf £10.00
Five day, slow-fermented sourdough from Hobbs House Bakery in Somerset, filled with scrumpy and molasses ham, cured to our own recipe, Cheddar cheese and red onion, with dressed pea shoots.

Fishes fingers £11.50
Breaded fillets of Cornish fish, lashings of tartare sauce on soft white with FRIES.

Grilled haloumi cheese £10.50
Deli roll with spiced humous, lime and caper salsa with pea shoots.

LS pastrami deli roll £9.00
LS cure pastrami deli roll, Ementhal, baby gem, dill pickle and sweet mustard.

Brie & peach £10.50
Cornish brie, pesto Genovese, peaches and peppery rocket.



Fries £2.50
Buttered Cornish new potatoes £2.50
Seasonal vegetables. See board. £2.50
Rocket and Parmesan. £4.00
French beans and shallots. £3.00
Stonebaked baguette with salted butter. £2.50


Kids’ plates:

This menu is ideal for children under eight.

Houmous with cucumber and carrot sticks £4.00

Carrot roll Fillings: 1 £2.80 / 2 £3.80 / 3 £4.80
Soft white roll made with carrot juice filled with Cheese, ham or houmous.

Grilled or fried free range Chicken £6.50
Fish fingers £7.50
Grilled or battered fish of the day £6.50
LS cheeseburger £6.50
All served with new potatoes, peas, baked beans or fries (choose 2)

Mezzi rigatoni pasta £5.00
Pasta hoops with a choice of sauces: tomato, parmesan and butter or bolognaise.



Selection of Treleavens ice cream, frozen yoghurt or sorbet Scoops: 1 – £2 / 2 – £3.50 / 3 – £5

LS banana sundae £7.00
Banana and salted caramel ice cream, banana praline, milk caramel and vanilla mascarpone.

Strawberries & clotted cream £6.50
The best of British strawberries with Rodda’s clotted cream.

Tarakan chocolate mousse £6.00
With raspberries.

All puddings are available for kids at half price

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