Wine and drinks

Great grapes and drinks from around the world:


Fantinel Extra Dry Prosecco, Italy
125ml £7.50 Bottle £35.00
A fresh, dry, fruity sparkler, elegant aromas of fruit and honey suckle.

Fantinel Rosé Prosecco, Italy
125ml £7.50 Bottle £35.00
Very light pink colour,off dry with a touch of richness on the red-fruit scented palate, hints of red fruits and floralness with an elegant and long finish.

Castell d’ Olerdola Rosé Brut, Spain
125ml £8.50 Bottle £38.50
A fresh, dry, fruity sparkler, elegant aromas of fruit and honey suckle.

Chandon Brut, Argentina
125ml £8.95 Bottle £45.00
Chardonnay and pinot noir blended skilfully using methode traditionnelle, resulting
in a lively wine with fine bubbles and delicate citrus aromas

Camel Valley Brut, Cornwall, England
Bottle £45.00
Fresh and dry – perfect for a celebration.

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut, Cornwall, England
Bottle £55.00
Pale with a delicate taste of wild-strawberries.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label
125ml £11.50 Bottle £65.00
Confident and full flavoured.

Veuve Clicquot Rosé
Bottle £80.00
Elegant, red berry, dried fruits and biscuit notes.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame
Bottle £160.00
An outstanding wine with flavours of brioche.

White Wines:

Fairfields, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
£7.75 250ml £11.00 Bottle £31.50
Green apples & gooseberries, perfect with seafood.

Paco and Lola, Albarino, Spain
175ml £8.50 250ml £12.00 Bottle £35.00
Intense concentrated aromas of wild blueberry and ripe cherry.

Oliver Tricon Chablis, Burgundy, France
175ml £8.75 250ml £12.50 Bottle £36.50
Crisp and refreshing, with citrus tones and mineral finish.

Altoritas, Chardonnay, Chile
175ml £4.50 250ml £6.50 Bottle £19.50
Appealingly fresh and fruity un-oaked Chardonnay, shows plenty of tropical fruit aromas.

De Gras Viognier, Chile
175ml £6.00 250ml £8.50 Bottle £24.00
Exotically aromatic Viognier from a prime Chilean region.

Le Vigne, Pinot Grigio, Vigneto Cantarelle, Italy
175ml £5.50 250ml £7.75 Bottle £22.50
Light, crisp and dry with a racy acidity that gives mouth-watering appeal.

Fish Hoek, Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa
175ml £5.25 250ml £7.50 Bottle £21.50
Bursting with tropical fruit and melon aromas, supported by a lively, perky, dry finish.

Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de Belle Mare, France
175ml £6.75 250ml £9.50 Bottle £28.00
Delicate and floral, with a touch of lemon and a mineral finish.

La Fuzelle Sancerre, Adrien Maréchal, France
175ml £8.50 250ml £12.00 Bottle £34.50
Elegant and zesty, delicious with seafood.

Don Jacoba, Rioja, Spain
175ml £6.25 250ml £8.75 Bottle £25.50
Made entirely from Viura grapes cool-fermented in stainless steel tanks and bottled young to preserve maximum aromas and crispness.

Rosé Wines:

Provence Rosé Houchart, Provence, France
175ml £7.50 250ml £10.50 Bottle £30.00
A classic rosé with uplifting acidity and lots of red fruit flavours.

Camel Valley Rosé, Cornwall, England
Just off dry, intense strawberry notes – perfect for summer.

Orchid Boulevard, White Zinfandel, California
175ml £5.50 250ml £7.75 Bottle £22.50
Youthfully brilliant salmon pink hue. Aromas of fresh strawberries, pomegranate and hints of floral undertones.

Ca’ Solare Pinot Grigio, Italy
175ml £4.75 250ml £6.75 Bottle £19.50
Fresh, dry and crammed with summer fruit flavours. The perfect wine, quite simply on its own.

Red Wines:

Puy De Dome, Pinot Noir, France
175ml £8.00 250ml £11.00 Bottle £31.00
This wine is both fragrant and delicate with aromatic notes and hits of cherry
on the nose. Very smooth and pure with no harsh undertones.

Cotes de Rhone, Syrah/Grenache, France
175ml £6.50 250ml £9.00 Bottle £26.50
Light with red berry flavours. Perfect with or without food.

Alandra Tinto Alentejo, Esporao, Portugal
175ml £5.25 250ml £7.50 Bottle £21.50
Fresh Raspberry and cherry fruit. Followed by a smooth ripe finish.

Arjona, Rioja, Spain
175ml £6.25 250ml £8.75 Bottle £25.50
A stylish unoaked rioja. Good clear colour. Ripe Fruity flavours.

Tomero, Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina
175ml £7.50 250ml £10.50 Bottle £30.00
A deep red ruby colour. complex, rich, soft and sweet with well balanced tannins.

Berri Estate’s Merlot, South Australia
175ml £4.50 250ml £6.50 Bottle £18.50
Several seleteced vineyards provide a delicious combination of raspberries, blueberries and soft plum.

Carmenere, Vina Falernia, Elqui Valley, Chile
175ml £6.50 250ml £9.00 Bottle £26.00
A deliciously rich wine from this cool-climate region of Chile. Chocolate and vanilla notes.

Flagstone Writer’s Pinotage, South Africa
175ml £9.00 250ml £12.75 Bottle £37.00
Intense concentrated aromas of wild blueberry and ripe cherry.

Callia Selected Malbec, Argentina
175ml £5.50 250ml £7.75 Bottle £22.50
A rich and powerful malbec that shows a good concentration of blackberry.

Heartland, Shiraz, Langhorne Creek, South Australia
175ml £9.25 250ml £13.00 Bottle £37.50
Masses of black fruits, red currants and spice with hints of espresso.

Dessert Wines:

Les Garonnelles, Sauternes, France 37cl
70ml £5.00 Bottle £25.00
Heavenly honeyed lemon and limes with a ripe luscious richness.

Triana Pedro Ximenez, Spain 50cl
70ml £6.50 Bottle £40.00
One of the sweetest wine in world. PX is about as sweet as things can get.

Late Harvest, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile 37.5cl
70ml £3.75 Bottle £18.50
Ripe papaya, peach, spice and honeyed aromas.

Orange Muscat and Flora, Brown Brothers, Australia 37.5cl
70ml £4.50 Bottle £23.00
Aromas of orange blossom, fresh citrus and spice.


Bloody Mary £8.50
Horseradish infused Stolichnaya vodka, Worcester sauce, Cornish sea salt and cracked black pepper shaken over ice with tomato juice.

Mojito £8.00
Appleton Estate rum, mint, lime, sugar, topped with soda.
Classic Favourite.

Blackberry Mojito £8.00
Appleton Estate rum, Crème De Mure, mint, Blackberries,
lime, sugar, topped with soda.

English Flower £9.00
Elegant, light & crisp, Absolute pear vodka, lime & elderflower,
finished with Prosecco.

Cosmopolitan £8.50
Ketel one citroen vodka, cranberry & lime.

Spiced Toffee Apple £6.50
Morgans Spiced rum, Hot & spicy ginger beer, Cornish Orchards
apple juice and chef’s toffee sauce.

Sloe Gin Fizz £7.00
Back by popular demand, Plymouth sloe gin, Lime, sugar,
topped with soda.

Non alcoholic Mint Julip £4.50
Mint, elderflower and lemon topped with Cornish Orchards
apple juice, Light and refreshing.

Spirits (all 35ml)

Koko Kanu Rum (37.5%) £3.50
Sagatiba Pura (38%) £3.00
Appleton White Rum (37.5%) £3.00
Appleton Estate VX Rum (40%) £3.60
Appleton Estate 8 year old (43%) £4.00
Captain Morgan Rum (40%) £3.45
Morgans Spiced (40%) £3.45

Plymouth Sloe Gin (26%) £2.95
Plymouth Gin (41.2%) £3.80
Bombay Sapphire Gin (40%) £3.80
Sipsmith Gin (40%) £4.50
Tanqueray (40%) £4.00
Hendricks (41.4%) £4.00
Tarquins (42%) £4.20

Stolichnaya (40%) £3.45
Absolut Pear (40%) £3.45
Belvedere (40%) £4.70
Ketel One Citroen (40%) £3.80
Sipsmith vodka (40%) £4.40
Grey Goose (40%) £4.70

Jose Cuervo Reposado (38%) £3.45

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey (40%) £4.00
Drambuie Whiskey (4O%) £4.00
Jack Daniels (40%) £4.00
Canadian Club (40%) £3.70
Johnny Walker Black Label (40%) £4.00
Woodford Reserve (40%) £4.50
Talisker 10YR Whiskey (46%) £5.50

Hennessy VS (40%) £4.70
Hennessy XO (40%) £14.65
Hennessy Fine De Cognac (40%) £6.50
Domaine de Papolle, Bas Armagnac (40%) £5.25
Calvados Prestige (40%) £3.45


Baileys 50ml (17%) £4.20
Kahlua 35ml (20%) £3.20
Frangelico 35ml (20%) £4.20
Tia Maria 35ml (20%) £3.20
Amaretto 35ml (28%) £3.40
Limoncello 35ml (30%) £3.20
Southern Comfort 35ml (35%) £3.70
Sambucca 35ml (38%) £3.20
Pernod 35ml (40%) £3.20
Cointreau 35ml (40%) £3.40
Grand Marnier 35ml (40%) £3.70

Vermouths (all 70ml)

Martini Extra Dry (15%) £3.20
Martini Rosso (15%) £3.20
Martini Bianco (15%) £3.20
Noilly Prat (18%) £2.70
Pimms No. 1 (25%) £6.50
Campari (25%) £4.20

Port/sherry (all 70ml)

Manzanilla La Gitana (15%) £4.00
Barbadillo Amontillado Sanlucar (17.5%) £3.50
Porto Alegre Tawny Port (19.5%) £3.55
Porto alegre Ruby Port (19.5%) £3.55

Draught beers:

Becks Vier (4%) ½pt £2.30 | pt £4.60
Asahi (5%) ½pt £2.50 | pt £5.00
Cornish Pilsner (5.2%) ½pt £2.50 | pt £5.00
Doombar (4%) ½pt £2.00 | pt £4.00
Guinness (4.1%) ½pt £2.45 | pt £4.85
Atlantic Ale (4.2%) ½pt £2.00 | pt £4.00
Orchard Cider (4.5%) ½pt £2.00 | pt £4.00

Bottled beers:

Corona 330ml £3.90
Peroni 330ml £3.90
Becks alcohol free 275ml £2.50
Daura Damm – Gluten free 330ml £4.85

Soft drinks:

Pure Blue Water still / sparkling 750ml £3.40
Pure Blue Water still / sparkling 250ml £1.60
Luscombe hot ginger beer 320ml £3.75
Cornish Orchards cranberry & raspberry 240ml £3.10
Cornish Orchards lemonade 240ml £3.10
Cornish Orchards apple juice 240ml £3.10
Cornish Orchards elderflower pressé 240ml £3.10
Orangina 330ml £2.75
Red Bull 250ml £3.00
Coke / Diet Coke 330ml £2.75
Coke / Diet Coke / Lemonade ½pt £1.50
Fever Tree tonic / slimline / bitter lemon / ginger ale 200ml £1.75
Innocent orange, mango & pineapple 180ml £2.30
Innocent strawberry, blackberry & raspberry 180ml £2.30
Fresh orange juice ½pt £2.50
Smoothie £3.25


Drinks allergies and intolerances:

Before you order your drinks please speak to one of the team if you want to know about our ingredients.

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