Cossack stunt show

Daredevil stunts, racing and high speed action

Camilla Naprous and the Devil’s Horsemen stunt team will be back once again to perform two amazing Cossack stunt shows on Saturday 27 June.

Their horses enjoyed the sand and the surf so much that they have taken a break between film sets to journey down to Watergate Bay. With over 70 horses, each highly trained in various stunts and staring in films like War Horse, Braveheart and Les Miserables, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Macbeth, Wolf Hall, Philomena, Camilla and her team will be bringing a selection of horses and riders to perform top class stunts and acrobatics… and a little bit more!

The Cossacks originated on the great Russian Steppe, successors and descendants of the Golden Horde and Genghis Khan who staged the only successful winter invasion of Russia in history.

The horsemanship of the Mongol Cavalry was the most effective in military history. Now in peace time these battle techniques have been transformed into acrobatics on horseback. The riders need more than just physical fitness, gymnastic ability and a taste for danger, they have to have a willing accomplice in the form of a horse who enjoys tearing along a full gallop, while it’s rider is hanging at impossible angles from it’s back, or vaulting, or even standing on the saddle!




Celebrate the winning team, rub shoulders with the polo players and party into the night.

On Saturday 27 June the music arena on the beach will be transformed into the first ever GWR Polo on the Beach party.


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