The Devil’s Horsemen

Camilla Naprous and the Devil’s Horsemen stunt team performed two amazing Cossack stunt shows last year on the afternoon of Sunday 19th May.

Never before seen on the beach, the Devil’s Horsemen were between film sets, and showed off why they are chosen to star in films like War Horse, Braveheart and Les Miserables. They wowed the crowed with spectacular stunts and acrobatics, including a race around the area where the rider stood across two horses, won by Camilla of course!

The Cossacks originated on the great Russian Steppe, successors and descendants of the Golden Horde and Genghis Khan who staged the only successful winter invasion of Russia in history.

The horsemanship of the Mongol Cavalry was the most effective in military history. Now in peace time these battle techniques have been transformed into acrobatics on horseback. The riders need more than just physical fitness, gymnastic ability and a taste for danger, they have to have a willing accomplice in the form of a horse who enjoys tearing along a full gallop, while it’s rider is hanging at impossible angles from it’s back, or vaulting, or even standing on the saddle!

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