Segway polo

A bit like gliding on a magic carpet, riding a Segway is really easy and accessible to all ages and abilities but most importantly great fun for everyone… especially on a beach!

A Segway is essentially a two wheeled, self balancing, battery powered electric vehicle which you move by shifting your weight forward, controlled by five gyroscopes. They are incredibly easy to ride and after a short induction from Cornwall Segway you can be up and whizzing around in no time. With a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour, Segways are used as personal transporters all over the world, unfortunately they are not road legal in the UK.

Never before seen on a beach, Polo on the Beach featured the first every UK Segway beach polo match. Similar to horse polo in its rules, Segway polo usually has two teams of five players. The professional polo players were pitched against the Segway team. A thrilling match saw a few of the players dumped on the sand, lots of competitive spirit, and some high class polo skills proving that polo is much harder than it looks. The professional polo players won the Champagne on this occasion but we suspect there will be a rematch!

As a sport Segway polo is starting to gain some popularity, Sweden are currently the Worlds Champions and Cornwall Segway are looking to field an international team soon.


Cornwall Segway can be found at Hendra Holiday Park, Newquay and Goonhilly Satellite Station, Helston and the experience includes on-road, off road, obstacle courses and racing.

Segway polo match – Sunday 6th July 3.45pm