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There are over 68 polo clubs in the UK, many of which have professional polo players. All of the players at Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach have either been professional players or are currently professional which is why Polo on the Beach is such a high handicapped beach polo match.

In a standard arena polo match each team has four players but as beach polo has a much smaller pitch (100yds by 50yds) there are only three players per team. All the players have to be right handed to avoid injury.

Take a look at this years players:


Daniel Loe

Handicap 3 goals

Playing for his second time at Polo on the Beach, Daniel lives in nearby Port Isaac. Originally from New Zealand, Daniel was a professional for ten years, playing back-to-back summer seasons between the UK and New Zealand.


Tim Vaux

Handicap 4 goals

This year Tim is captaining Team Joules on Saturday afternoon. A professional player for many years, he runs the family business at Vaux Park Polo Club in Somerset. Equally at home on sand or turf he is regarded as an expert arena polo player.


Richard Blake Thomas

Handicap 5 goals

A regular player at Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach, Richard Blake Thomas plays for the Polistas team based at the Guards Club at Windsor Great Park. He also plays for Wales. He is the older brother of Andrew, who will play for rival team First Great Western.


Caspar West

Handicap 3 goals

A professional Hurlingham Polo Association umpire and coach, Caspar started playing polo at 10 years old. His career has taken him around the world from Australia to Pakistan. Highlights include playing for England and winning the Arena Gold Cup.


Andy Burgess

Handicap 2 goals

After a career as a professional polo player around the world, Andy now runs South West Polo near Wadebridge. Andy helps organise the players and ponies for Polo on the Beach. Andy often captains one of the teams at Polo on the Beach.


Andrew Blake Thomas

Handicap 5 goals

Andrew won Most Valuable Player last year. A former England international, he is a firm favourite with the crowd. Andrew currently plays for patrons in the UK and abroad as well as for the Welsh Polo Team with his brother.


Jamie Le Hardy

Handicap 7 goals

Based at Cowdray Park in West Sussex, Jamie Le Hardy has been playing polo professionally for twenty years and is a member of the current England squad. This is his sixth year at Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach.

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