Pony profiles

Polo ponies are often not ponies at all, they are usually full sized horses ranging in size from 14.2 to 16 hands high at the withers (shoulders).

Many are thoroughbred crosses and some of the horses at Polo on the Beach are retrained racehorses.For many polo players the cost of importing horses or even breeding and training them from birth is very expensive, so being able to take on a horse that has already been ridden has many advantages. They are also very fast! Originally no horses higher than 54″ were allowed to play polo but today there aren’t limitations but smaller horses are better, providing they can carry the weight of the rider.

For polo, the ponies are as important as the players. In total there are 40 ponies taking part over Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach weekend including the two demonstrations and three matches. This year they will be coming from three stables. These include our local yard at Wadebridge, South West Polo, whilst the remaining come from Dorset and Somerset. 18 ponies will be travelling from Lytchett Heath Polo Club, Dorset, where Jemima and Rob Brockett train and lease horses specifically for polo, the others will be coming from one of our players yards, Tim Vaux’s Vaux Park Polo Club.



Negro is a regular player here at Watergate Bay and won Best Playing Pony at Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach in 2008. Incredibly agile and quick, he is a big horse, with a big character to match. Originally from Argentina, he loves to have his photograph taken.



Originally from Argentina, Panina is an incredibly brave and determined polo pony. She is a keen a swimmer and an absolute machine on the ground. She will be looking to defend her Best Playing Pony title which she won here at Watergate Bay in 2012 and 2013



Pachu is a real gentleman. He is most capable, so powerful and often considered one of the favourites on the beach and at the polo club. He won Best Playing Pony in 2008 at the Sand Polo Championship in Sandbanks. Also born in Argentina, he’s a very determined pony.


Ruby Flare

Ruby Flare was born in Great Britain and is a former racehorse. She had some success over hurdles before being retrained as a polo pony. She is very fast and agile, often getting you where you need to be faster than anyone else! She is very gentle and also very good with children.



At 16:1hh Shrivar is the tallest polo pony to come from the South West Polo stable (so certainly not a pony). He’s an English thoroughbred bay gelding and an ex racehorse which is where he gets his speed from. He won over £30,000 during his racing career. Shrivar (aka Lofty) is 16 years old and has been at South West Polo for 9 years. Still the top horse in the yard and the one everyone comes to see, very fast and bold. He raced against a kite surfer last year, and won.



Another ex racehorse is Weetabix. A 15:2hh 10yr old English thoroughbred bay mare. Sired from Herons Well, Weetabix is a powerful mare with great acceleration. It’s her second season at South West Polo and her first Polo on the Beach.



The youngest in the South West Polo team, Piri is a 15:1hh, 6 year old bay gelding. He’s an Argentine thoroughbred and a new to the South West Polo stable, only bought at the end of last season. Very agile and handy, so good for tight turns. He’s going to make a very good arena or beach polo pony.



Paddy was bred from Ascot champion ‘Celtic Swing’. Following in the footsteps of his father’s legacy, he became a racehorse before being retrained as a polo pony. He is Irish-born and his father stood at the Irish National Stud, a big stud farm for top Irish stallions, so he certainly has good genes.

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