11 gnarly surfing facts

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Can you guess the most amount of people to ever surf on the same surf board?

Find out about the longest barrel in history, the biggest wave ever recorded and the origin of the Hawaiian “shaka” sign from this infographic produced by Calypso soft drinks where Watergate Bay is named as one of the best places to learn to surf in the world!


Did you know...

The longest surf ride

The record for the longest surf ride ever recorded was set by Panamanian surfer Gary Saavedra. He rode an artificial wave created by a power boat for a massive 3 hours 55 minutes. 

Rogue Waves

Massive waves which can reach over 50 feet high are called Rogue waves. 

The biggest wave recorded 

The biggest wave ever recorded was 1738 feet (530 metres!) in Lituya Bay, southern Alaska. 

Biggest wave ever ridden

The biggest wave ever ridden is thought to be 100ft high!

Most people on a surfboard 

Most people on one surfboard stands at 47 people on a 12 metre board.

The most amount of people to ride the same wave

Estimated 120 at the 2009 Earthwave Festival in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Best UK surf beaches 

Of course, Watergate Bay in Cornwall, but also Thurso in Scotland. 

Longest barrel wave?

No official record, but Ozzie Wright achieved a pretty impressive 53 seconds.