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Argentine Asado BBQ

On Friday 19 May we're inviting you to an authentic asado (a traditional Argentine BBQ). Share an evening of live music and fireworks with the polo players.

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Blueberry and lavender shrub cocktail

With Aspall Cyder as our partners for Polo on the Beach, we worked with them to create shrubs using their cyder apple vinegar. Find out what a shrub is, and how to make our blueberry and lavender shrub cocktail.

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British Tattoo Art Exhibition

One of the things that makes Cornwall so special is it's rich history. Find out about one of the key exhibitions on in 2017 at the National Maritime Museum.

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Scallop and monkfish succotash

Chef loves a good succotash - a North American Indian dish consisting of beans and kernels. Here's his take on the recipe, featuring scallops and monkfish.

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Monkfish succotash

Succotsash comes from a North American Indian word for ‘broken kernels’. There is no set recipe and you can add what you like to create this tasty broth. Here's our recipe for monkfish succotash.

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Pan fried hake with 'methi' sauce

As demonstrated by our executive chef at the Fifteen Cornwall Spring Fayre at Watergate Bay. Inspired to cook it at home? Here's our special recipe.

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Interior style - Ocean Wing rooms

They say good magicians should never reveal the secret. Fortunately for you, there’s no trick to the interior design in our rooms. It’s real magic.

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The best dog friendly beaches in Cornwall

Dogs are welcome at Watergate Bay year round. But in Cornwall there are loads of dog friendly beaches to choose from. Take a look at our top 10.

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Malted lemon pancakes

Build on sugar and lemon. Give our malted lemon pancakes with lemon curd and blueberries a go. Read on for the full recipe.

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The Bay

Top ten beaches to watch the Cornwall sunset

The hour before the sun finally dips below the horizon is a magical time, especially in Cornwall. Here are our top ten Cornish beaches to watch the sunset.

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