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The OriGin cocktail

Whats not to love about this cocktail? Origin coffee and Tarquins gin, both Cornish favourites mixed together in this winter drink from The Living Space. The cold brew coffee gives it a refreshing taste with with a subtle hit from the gin and and elder flower. Best enjoyed with friends.


Serves one


50ml Tarquins Gin
50ml Sandos cold brew
17.5ml elderflower cordial
1/2 fresh lime juice
Handful of fresh mint
Orange peel



Shake all ingredients over ice into a large goblet glass
Garnish with mint and orange peel
Sip and enjoy

Top tip!

Cold brew doesn’t have the sometimes harsh bitter flavour of coffee. Make your own cold brew by soaking ground Origin coffee beans overnight in cold water.

The OriGin cold brew coffee cocktail is now being served in The Living Space at Watergate Bay Hotel.

Winter mule cocktail

The only thing familiar about Zacry’s winter mule cocktail is the ginger beer. Instead we add our favourite seasonal ingredients, sloe gin and sherry, for added spice.

The Winter Mule, from Zacry's

Serves one


Sipsmiths sloe gin 35ml – cinnamon infused if possible
Pedro Ximénez 35ml
One lime juiced
Ginger beer to top up


Add all of the ingredients to a glass and mix gently together.

The winter mule is currently being served in Zacry’s at Watergate Bay.

Clementine margarita cocktail

Our barmen and barladies at The Living Space have taken the fresh, crisp flavours of the margarita and added some seasonal zing. Make it at home with this clementine margarita recipe.

Clementine margarita

Clementines are the one thing we don’t get sick of come the post-festive season. This smallest and sweetest variety of tangerine is sweet and tangy – a perfect addition to the margarita.

Serves one


35ml Cazcabel Tequila Blanco
35ml St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
The juice of 4 clementines
The juice of ½ a lime
Salt rim a rocks or martini glass – we use Cornish Sea Salt

Clementine margarita


Juice 4 clementines and add tequila, St Germain and lime juice to a shaker with ice.

Shake and strain over ice into the glass and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Find out more about The Living Space at Watergate Bay Hotel.

Christmas pudding cocktail

Like mulled wine, but even better – the Zacry’s team take the traditional flavours of Christmas pudding as inspiration for this warming drink.

Spiced Christmas pudding cocktail

Serves one


Red wine 100ml
Drambuie 15ml
Cointreau 15ml
PX 50ml
Sugar syrup or honey (to sweeten if needed)
1 clove
Cinnamon stick
Orange slice


Mix all of the ingredients together in a small pat and heat on the hob. (In Zacry’s the team use a silver milk jug and steam to heat.)

Serve in heated toddy glass old-school late class – making sure the clove is not served!

Garnish with an orange twist

Top tip!

Heat your mulled wine or Christmas Pudding cocktail in an oven proof dish on top of your wood burner if you have one. Let the festive aromas fill your house and point Father Christmas in the right direction.

Zacry’s is the hotel’s main restaurant, open for dinner seven nights a week (please check for Christmas and New Year opening hours).

Chocolarita cocktail

It’s no secret that bar team in Zacry’s like a margarita. At this time of year, you’ll find them sipping a Chocolarita – a margarita enriched with coffee and chocolate.

Chocolarita cocktail from Zacry's

Serves one


60ml Jose Tequila
20ml Crème de cocoa
25ml lime juice
10ml Kahlua
10ml Gomme (sugar syrup)
1 Egg white


Take one room-temperature martini glass
Chocolate and rim around martini glass
Mix all the ingredients together (egg last) and shake over ice
Strain into martini glass
Sprinkle top with grated chocolate

The Chocolarita is now being served in Zacry’s.

The nutcracker cocktail, from Zacry’s

While we can’t guarantee that drinking Whisky will put hairs on your chest, this delicious winter cocktail garnished with cinnamon will certainly warm you up. Now being served in Zacry’s.

Nutcracker cocktail from The Living Space

Serves one


50ml Scotch
50ml Pedro Ximénez Sherry
10ml Benedictine
Small dash bitters

Nutcracker cocktail from The Living Space


Shake all ingredients over ice into a large goblet glass
Garnish with cinnamon stick
Sip and enjoy

Top tip!

Burn the cinnamon stick for a few seconds to release the sweet spicy aroma.

The nutcracker cocktail is now being served at Zacry’s at Watergate Bay Hotel.

Living Space pomegranate and cranberry mojito

The sweet and tangy flavours of pomegranate and cranberry aren’t for everyone. But we doubt anyone can resist the contents of this bejewelled Living Space cocktail.

Pomegranate and cranberry mojiito, from Living Space

Serves one


50ml Appleton White Rum
½ teaspoon pomegranate seeds
3 wedges of lime
10 mint leaves
1 teaspoon of cranberry sauce
35ml cranberry juice
Splash of grenadine
Splash of soda
Garnish with fresh cranberries and pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate and cranberry mojiito, from Living Space
Pomegranate and cranberry mojiito, from Living Space


Muddle the mint, lime & pomegranate seeds, add rum, cranberry sauce and grenadine, stir. Add crushed ice, drizzle cranberry juice and stir. Garnish with cranberries and pomegrate seeds and a sprig of mint.

The cranberry and pomegranate mojito is now being served the Living Space at Watergate Bay.

The Living Space apple strudel mule

The traditional Viennese apple strudel is a winner when it comes to winter desserts. Now imagine the apple and cinnamon strudel flavours in a cocktail… Now being served in The Living Space.

Apple Strudel Mule from Living Space

Serves one


5 golden raisins muddled and shaken with:
35ml Cinnamon infused Chase Potato Vodka
35ml Spiced Rum
35ml Cornish Orchards Apple Juice
Top up with Fever Tree Ginger Ale
Garnish with apple and a cinnamon stick

Apple Strudel Mule from Living Space


Infuse vodka – we like Chase, with a cinnamon stick for at least 24 hours. Shake all ingredients apart from Ginger Ale and stain into a highball with ice. Top up with ginger ale. Cut a chunky wedge of apple and fan into thin slices. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Apple Strudel Mule from Living Space

The apple strudel mule is now being served in Living Space at Watergate Bay Hotel.

Results: English National Championships 2015

Surfing up a storm. This bank holiday weekend saw the best in British surfing battle it out in some very ‘British’ conditions at Watergate Bay, as part of the UK’s longest running surfing competition; the 43rd English National Surfing Championships.

English Nationals Surfing Championships(Photo © Sarah Clarke | Checkered Photography)

English Nationals Surfing Championships(Photo © Sarah Clarke | Checkered Photography)

Spectators were treated to a display of traditional and progressive surfing styles by over 170 competitors of all ages; from seasoned veterans to the rising stars of the under 12s, all aiming for the highest titles in English surfing.

English Nationals Surfing Championships(Photo © Sarah Clarke | Checkered Photography)

The bank holiday weather and conditioners weren’t perfect for the heats, but the competition was electric as some of the UK’s best surfers competed.  Lots of supporters braved the conditions as they showed their encouragement for the competitors, and all was rewarded for the Monday finals. The sun shone and the waves were almost perfect ready for one to be crowned the English Surfing Federation (ESF) champion.

English Nationals Surfing Championships(Photo © Sarah Clarke | Checkered Photography)

The event was managed by students from Cornwall College’s FdSc Surf Science and Technology course in conjunction with the ESF. The competition marked the opening of the 2015 competitive surfing season and is the first stop on the UK Pro Surf Tour Circuit.

Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths successfully defended his title as Longboard Champion against the formidable talents of semi-final winner, Ben ‘Skindog’ Skinner, Sam Bleakley and Ben Haworth in 6ft surf. Emily Currie continued her weekend of success with a decisive win in the Disco Bead’s Women’s Final.

Jobe Harriss(Photo © Sarah Clarke | Checkered Photography)

In the  final, Jobe Harriss was crowned winner of the Sharps Men’s Open, after knocking last year’s champion, Jayce Robinson out of the semi-final. And Watergate Bay local, Mark ‘Egor’ Harris, took the runner up place.


Men’s Open Final Results
1st Jobe Harriss
2nd Mark Harris
3rd Alan Stokes
4th Luke Dillon

Fistral Beach Under 18 Boy’s Final
1st Harry DeRoth
2nd Angus Scotney
3rd Issac Marshall
4th Liam Murray Strout

Under 16

1st Eno James
2nd Liam Murray Strout
3rd Kit Innes
4th Noah Capps

U12 Boys
1st Stanley Norman
2nd Jake Arrowsmith
3rd Sam Hearn
4th Thomas Reeves

U14 girls
1st Lily Mandeville
2nd Ellie Turner
3rd Bonita Whitelock
4th Tegan Blackford

U14 Boys
1st Will Masterman
2nd Barnaby Cox
3rd Stanley Norman
4th Finn Collins

1st Sean Skilton
2nd Joss Ash
3rd Ben Skinner
4th Mike Young

Masters Final
1st Jonty Tucker
2nd Rob Watson
3rd Mike Young
4th Joel Gray

Veterans Final
1st Drustan Ward
2nd Dave Renauld
3rd Gary Clay
4th Ben Marshall

Disco Beads Women’s Final
1st Emily Currie
2nd Peony Knight
3rd Anne Cecile le Tallec
4th Lucy Campbell

Under 18 women
1st Ellie Turner
2nd Georgie Timson
3rd Peony Knight
4th Emily Currie

Under 16 girls
1st Ellie Turner
2nd Ruby Breadon
3rd Lily Madeville
4th Mischa Maguire
5th Georgie Buckley

Men’s Longboard Final
1st Adam Griffiths
2nd Ben Haworth
3rd Sam Bleakley
4th Ben Skinner

Junior Longboard
1st Jack Unsworth
2nd Charlie Rio
3rd Jordan Zervas
4th Joe Hornbuckle
5th David Currie

Womens longboard
1st Emily Currie
2nd Jennifer Pendlebury
3rd Jenny Bryant
4th Charlotte Bayliss

Our new uniform from Joules

To say that Tom Joule, founder of lifestyle clothing brand Joules, is a fan of Watergate Bay would be something of an understatement. We’ve now been lucky enough to be given our very own Watergate Bay designed shirt.

The Watergate Bay shirt

As Tom Joule says: “Watergate Bay Hotel is a home from home for me. There’s something magical about this part of Cornwall, it draws me and my family back time and time again.”

He may make a bee-line for the Bay as often as possible, but he’s not idle when he gets here. Joules Clothing is one of the official sponsors of Polo on the Beach and has provided the official shirts for the event since 2009.

To date there are now five Joules stores dotted around the Cornish coast. Extending the brand’s relationship with Watergate Bay even further is the exclusive printed shirt that Joules has produced for hotel staff to wear. The unique prints that Joules are celebrated for are all hand-drawn in-house by the talented team. This attention to detail and commitment to authenticity has helped to set the brand apart from their competitors.

“The print we’ve created for Watergate Bay signifies everything we love about Cornwall; surfing, camping, the beach and sea and that excitement that you’re never too old to feel when you see the ‘Welcome to Cornwall’ sign after the long drive down the A30!”

Living Space's new uniforms from Joules

Kids Club Joules uniforms

We think you’ll agree that the boys in The Living Space look fab in their new uniforms. The Kids Club team are also looking dapper in their new Joules cotton shirts and trousers. Our front of house team will be decked out in new Joules clothing very soon too.

Illustrations from the shirt design