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Choc-Work Orange cocktail

On the approach to Christmas chocolate oranges are a must! At Zacry’s we like to serve ours in a martini glass with a measure of Baileys and Grand Marnier. Think of it as Christmas in a glass.


Makes one.


35ml Baileys
35ml Grand Marnier
35ml chocolate syrup
1 dessert spoon of marmalade
1 teaspoon of marmalade

Glass: Martini



Add the Baileys, Grand Marnier, chocolate syrup, ice and dessert spoon of marmalade to a Boston shaker and shake.

Put small spoon of marmalade into the bottom of glass.

Double strain the chocolate cocktail into the glass over the marmalade.

Garnish with orange peel.




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Strawberry Bellini

The Bellini cocktail, originating in Venice Italy, is famous the world over. The traditional recipe mixes prosecco with peach puree.

At Zacry’s we’re partial to a strawberry or two, so we thought we’d put a twist on the classic Bellini and create our own strawberry version.


Makes one.


100ml Rose Champagne or Prosecco
15ml strawberry puree
15ml vodka

Glass: Champagne flute



Chill your champagne flute with ice.

Discard ice once glass is cold.

Add the strawberry puree to the bottom of the flute and pour vodka over the top.

Slowly pour the champagne on top of this so that it floats on top of the puree.




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What’s on in half term – October 2014

Once again Cornwall doesn’t disappoint with a calendar full of events and activities this coming half term. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family looking for a fun time, Cornwall has got it covered.

Take a look at what’s on and enjoy your half term.


Ice Skating at Eden Project

From 18 October the ice rink at Eden Project will be back. With sessions to suit all ages and abilities, including sessions for beginners, ice discos on some Friday evenings and delicious new rink-side food this is a must visit over half term.



Back to the Eden Project again, but this time for Halloween. Get involved in magical craft activities and dare to be scared. This year, Eden are welcoming Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s ‘Room on the Broom’ film screenings. There will also be all types of spooky fun for older children from protection charms, pumpkin carving and meeting creatures of the night.

Spooky Garden Trail at Lanhydrock

Throughout half term Lanhydrock house will be leading through the gardens on a spooky trail. Solve the clues and win a spooky prize.

Extreme Academy

Learn to surf

Autumn brings with it great swells perfect for learning. Suit up, grab your board and join the Extreme Academy in the surf to catch your first wave.

Halloween fun at Gweek Seal Sanctuary

A chance for children and adults alike to dress up and have fun walking the witches’ wood trail, take part in some spooky badge making, and head to the creepy cafe to fill up on some devilishly good delights! Visit the witches’ coven if you dare, but will she be kind and treat you, or will you be tricked?!

‘The Giants of Cornwall’ at Newquay Zoo

Trebiggan Productions present another fantastic childrens’ show with storytelling, puppets, music and dance.

Lanhydrock cycle hub

Lanhydrock Cycle Trail

Cornwall’s newest cycling attraction is the Cycle Hub at the National Trust Lanhydrock estate near Bodmin. It includes 10km of purpose-built trails winding through the estate’s woodland – including a skills area, a cycle hire shop, the new Park Café and children’s play area, all with plenty of parking.

The trails are cycle specific and designed to be ridden in one direction; however, walkers can enjoy the green track just as much, especially if your little cyclist isn’t that proficient yet. There are off road cycle trails and special routes for families and novice riders.

Visit a museum

There’s loads of fun, family friendly activities going on Cornwall’s museums through half term. Create your own art, make spooky Halloween accessories, create your own film and much more. Here’s our favouriet to explore

Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth
National Maritime Museumn, Falmouth
Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance
Telegraph Museum, Porthcurno
Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
Wheal Martyn Museum and country park, St Austell

Meet The Team – Jemma

If you’ve ever eaten at The Beach Hut chances are you’ve met Jemma, one of our waitresses. Having worked here for three years she is a familiar face that customers always remember.

We recently caught up with her to find out a bit about her role.

Jemma The Beach Hut

Meet Jemma.

How long have you worked at The Beach Hut?
I’ve been here for three years now, it’s gone so fast!

What does your role involve?
Making sure the restaurant looks it’s best. Meeting and greeting customers. Taking orders. Making sure customers are happy. And generally ensuring the restaurants run smoothly.

What is a normal day like for you?
As a waitress each day is completely different. We always have new people in the restaurant and new dishes on the menu. But some things stay the same. I always meet and greet customers, show them to their table and talk them through the menu and specials board. I love getting to know the people who eat at The Beach Hut so I take time to ask a bit about them; what they’ve been up to and if they have visited Watergate Bay before.

At times, during the height of summer for instance, the restaurant can serve over 300 people a day, so I can be really busy! But I enjoy those kinds of days, they flash by in a blur of chatter and good food.

The Beach Hut Watergate Bay

If you were going to eat at The Beach Hut what would you have?
I love the food here, it’s simple but delicious.

To start I’d go for the calamari with lime and chili. For my main course it’d have to be the fish n’ chips! And for dessert I’d pick the chocolate brownies, no the creme brulee…actually the raspberry sundae is really good. Oh I don’t know, one of each.

The Beach Hut Calamari

What’s your favourite part of your job?
Interacting with the customers. I love getting to know them and ensuring they enjoy their time at The Beach Hut; no matter who it is I can find something to talk to them about.

But I especially enjoy it when returning customers come back and remember me. At The Beach Hut our customers are like an extended family and sometimes it feels like one big reunion.

The Beach Hut Team

(The Beach Hut team)

Can you describe The Beach Hut in one sentence?
High quality food with a laid back, but professional service.

Can you sum up your job in three words?

When you’re not at work where can we find you?
I’ve been saving up for a month’s trip to Thailand in November. So when that rolls round you’ll find me travelling the country from North to South.

Can you tell us a random fact about you?
I’m a qualified barber and piercist.

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Amaretto Sour cocktail

Amaretto is a sweet, almond-flavoured liqueur, made from a base of apricots, almonds or sometimes both.

The amaretto sour is a classic cocktail, but most people don’t know that the original recipe calls for raw white egg. Being sticklers for tradition we use egg whites in our mix but you can always leave this ingredient out.


Makes one


70ml Amaretto
35ml lemon juice
Dash of angostura Bitters
1 egg white

Glass: Martini



Add all the ingredients to a Boston shaker and shake.

Double strain into your glass and enjoy!



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Mark, Harry and Josh

HarryJosh and Mark are three local guys who all have a passion for watersports, Harry and Josh are sponsored by the Extreme Academy and Mark is sponsored by GUL. Be it surfing or kitesurfing you’ll regularly find these three in the ocean.

We caught up with them to see where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to over summer.


My summer has mainly consisted of mixing work and pleasure as I worked for the RNLI as a lifeguard keeping an eye on the beaches of Cornwall. I actually spent some time guarding at Watergate Bay. It was a great summer; I was very busy but also got to enjoy the beautiful weather and train for the last events of the British surfing tour this autumn.

I’m now looking forward to greeting the autumn swell and competing in some big wave competitions.



I have spent the majority of summer in France, arriving in Hossegor in the middle of June. We were greeted by some fun waves and warm weather. Whilst training for my first competition in Portugal I had a great time with my family enjoying the French way of life.

After I competed in Portugal, the Atlantic and most of the European seas were pretty flat. But that gave me the chance to skate and make the most of relaxing on the beach. One of the highlights of my summer was making a 100m long slip and slide on the beach!

Towards the end of summer the swell increased and we have had some amazing waves, I’d surf for a good 8 hours each day! Looking forward to next summer already.



Over the summer the wind significantly dropped so I didn’t get to spend as much time in the water kitesurfing. However, at Watergate Bay we had some great surf breaks so I took the opportunity to get stuck into surfing and polish up my skills.

We also had some periods at Watergate when the wind dropped completely and the waves were almost non-existent; the perfect conditions for SUP. At the Extreme Academy, we taught as much SUP as possible, taking groups all the way to the north end of the beach and back.

Now that autumn has well and truly set in and the wind is picking up, I’m keen to get back into kitesurfing, especially strapless kitesurfing.


Zacry’s Espresso Martini

The espresso martini is a classic cocktail combining vodka, coffee and kaluha. If you like coffee and love martini’s, this is the cocktail for you.

Espresso Martini

Makes one


35ml Stoli Vodka
35ml Kaluha
15ml sugar syrup
1 shot Origin Coffee espresso

Glass: Martini



Add all the ingredients to a boston shaker with ice and shake.

Double strain into glass.

Garnish with coffee beans.

Espresso Martini Zacry's

Espresso Martini from Zacry's

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Meet The Team – Amy

London born, Essex bred, Amy has always had a love of the ocean and couldn’t resist the call of the Atlantic so moved to Cornwall when she was 18. Since then she has traveled the world and now works in Swim Club as a massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Amy from SwimClub

Meet Amy.

How long have you worked at Watergate Bay Hotel?
I’ve been here just over a year. It’s crazy how quickly a year can go!

What does your role involve?
As a massage therapist I focus on the bodily treatments: massages, reflexology and facials. However, this year my role developed further when yoga classes were introduced. As a qualified yoga instructor I now lead two lessons a week.

Where did you become a qualified yoga instructor?
I’ve loved yoga since I was young; my mum has always practised it so I’ve grown up with the discipline. Whilst travelling through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand I practised yoga daily and whilst in Costa Rica I took a months intensive course to become a qualified instructor.

Where you a qualified massage therapist before you joined the team in Swim Club?
Yes. When I joined I was already a Level 3 qualified massage therapist but since being here I have taken the reflexology course and am now qualified to perform this treatment on guests. There is always a chance to further your training at Watergate Bay, I’m looking forward to extending my portfolio of treatments.

What’s a normal day like for you in Swim Club?
There is a huge variety in my day to day life in Swim Club. One day I could be performing back to back treatments, the next day my diary may be very quiet. It’s on Tuesdays and Friday’s at 10.30am that I teach yoga and that can either be in the studio or if it’s a nice day out on the beach.

Yoga at Watergate Bay Hotel

What’s your favourite part about your job?
The variety of the role is great, no two days are the same. We have a lot of flexibility in Swim Club in comparison to other spa/salon’s that offer treatments. We are able to customise a treatment to fit the persons exact needs so that it’s tailor made to each individual.

And that’s another part of the job that I enjoy; interacting with the guests, there are always new people to meet and get to know.

If you were going to come to Swim Club for the day what treatment(s) would you have?
I’d go for the full works. It’s a two hour treatment that includes a body brush, full body exfoliation, wrap, fast facial and massage. It’s indulgence at it’s best! The treatment is so relaxing.

Treatment Room Swim Club

Can you sum up your role in three words?

When you’re not at work where can we find you?
Walking my dog at Watergate Bay.

Can you tell us a random fact about yourself?
I have a degree in zoology and a chainsaw license.

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Meet The Team – Adam

Starting work here over a year and a half ago as a waiter in the former dining room Adam quickly progressed to become breakfast supervisor. Bur with his heart set on being in the ocean it wasn’t long before he joined the team in The Extreme Academy to become a surf instructor.


Meet Adam.

How long have you worked at Watergate Bay Hotel?

I’ve been working here for just over a year and a half.

I started working here as a waiter in the former dining room, now Zacry’s, and from there I became a breakfast supervisor.

However, I have always been passionate about surfing and really wanted to join The Extreme Academy team. When the opportunity arose to become a surfing instructor I jumped at the chance. Once I completed the surfing instructor course I joined the team and haven’t stopped having fun since.

How long have you surfed for?

I had my first surf lesson at the age of 19, actually at Watergate Bay. I always came down to Cornwall from Southampton on holidays but didn’t get much chance to be in the ocean. As soon as I learnt to drive I came straight to Watergate Bay to learn to surf. Once I mastered the basics I bought my first board and haven’t looked back.

Because the surf scene in Southampton is basically non-existent my mum thought it was just a phase I was going through. But since turning my passion into a career she’s changed her mind.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The best thing about my job is being outside and working in the sea with a great team.

Can you sum up your job in three words?



Extreme Academy Team

The Extreme Academy team

What you’re not at work where could we find you?

In the sea, out to dinner with my girlfriend or in India.


I go to Kerala, India, during the winter months, from October half term for 5 months, surf guiding and instructing. I love being in the sun so heading to India in the UK’s winter months was the perfect option for me.

How does surfing in India differ to surfing at Watergate Bay?

Surfing in it’s primary form is pretty much the same anywhere you go, it’s the surf breaks and waves that change things. In India the water is a lot warmer as most days your basking in 30 degree heat.

What was the best thing about being in India?

I would have to say, living with the people of Kerala and experiencing a different culture. It is also so nice to be able to surf all year around!

If you HAD to chose between Watergate Bay and India which would you pick?

I think I would have to say Watergate Bay because I know the beach so well and there is a really nice vibe in the water.

See mum I told you it wasn’t just a phase!


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End of Summer Staff Party

At Watergate Bay we’re often told how fantastic our staff are by guests. About how they go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience for them whilst staying at the hotel particularly in summer, and we wanted to celebrate that.

Last night we hosted an end of summer party for all of our staff on the beach. We wanted to bring our whole team together to let their hair down and thank them for an amazing summer.

With the help of delicious food from the barbecue, warmth from the bonfire, music from out talented staff and a few competitive games of volleyball we saw the summer out in style.

Bring on summer 2015!