Bang Bang Chicken Recipe

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This is a regular on The Living Space menu and remains a popular choice with many of our guests. Made with poached chicken, cucumber, carrot, Chinese leaf, topped with a spicy peanut and sesame dressing it’s a fresh, light meal perfect for your healthy eating resolution.


Salad ingredients

Serves 6

1 whole chicken
1 Chinese leaf lettuce
3 large carrots
2 cucumbers
Spring onions, coriander, roasted shelled peanuts are optional

Peanut dressing
½ Jar of smooth peanut butter
¼ Jar of tahini paste
50ml soy sauce
40ml sushi vinegar
50g caster sugar
Hoi sin dressing
100ml Hoi sin
100ml sesame oil


1. Ideally brine the chicken overnight; it gives the chicken a juicer texture and then roast it. Brining is usually a 5% salt water solution which completely covers the chicken.

2. Once cooked allow the chicken to cool and then pick the chicken meat from the bone, reserving the carcass for a chicken stock.

3. Mix the peanut dressing ingredients together and add water to thicken. Then mix the Hoi sin and sesame oil together to form the dressing.

4. Shred Chinese leaf, carrots and cucumber and toss, we use a Japanese mandolin for the carrot and cucumber, but watch your fingers!

5. Combine the salad and chicken and dress with Hoi sin dressing. Place in salad bowls and cover with peanut dressing and finish with shredded spring onion, coriander and toasted peanuts for texture.