BBC Newsround film at The Beach Hut

They’ve been washing up on shores around Europe, including Watergate Bay, for the last few years, but it seems the mystery of the rubber ‘Tjipter’ tablets has finally been solved. Newsround investigates…


We were rather excited to learn that the BBC’s popular children’s programme Newsround was filming at Watergate Bay and The Beach Hut last month.

But excitement soon turned to intrigue when we learned that a maritime mystery was trying to be solved.

Since 2012, hundreds of blocks engraved with the word ‘Tjipter’ have been washing up on shores around Europe. Retired fisherman and beachcomber, Bill Brain, found his at Watergate Bay while out collecting drift wood after a storm.

Bill’s friend Tracey Williams decided to set up an online campaign to see if anyone else had found the blocks and, after receiving responses from France , Denmark and Wales, decided to investigate further.

We don’t want to give away the mystery straight away, but the Newsround video report is now available to watch online. Keep an eye out for Watergate Bay and The Beach Hut!

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