Beach fitness – meet the equipment

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‘What is all of this strange equipment on the sand’, you ask as you wonder down the sea lane on a Saturday morning? Giant elastic bands? ‘It looks something like exercise equipment,’ you think suspiciously. ‘But these people. They look like they’re having… fun?’ Welcome to beach fitness!

Open to guests of the hotel as well as non residents Beach Fit takes place every Saturday on Watergate Bay beach at 10am or 2pm, tide dependent. To book your place call 01637 861237 or email

Every Saturday at 10am or 2pm (tide dependent) you might be surprised to find our weird and wonderful beach fitness equipment lining the sand, followed by Pete our fitness instructor putting a red-faced – but smiling – group through their paces.

Watergate Bay beach fitness provides a workout that is high intensity, exciting and most importantly fun. Our qualified instructor leads a range of exercises that are used to help improve cardio-vascular and muscular fitness.

With equipment such as battle ropes, slam balls, speed ladders, car tyres, resistance bands, dumbbells and skipping ropes all on hand you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you (might) even forget that you’re working out.

Exercises will vary each week to keep you on your toes and keep sessions exciting, but here’s a run-down of some of the equipment you can expect to use…

Slam balls
Our group use these weighted balls to build explosive strength and power – and release any holiday tension. They’re versatile and can be picked up and slammed down to the sand for an all over body workout, used to add weight to various exercises or used to improve your core fitness.

Sand bags
A perfect beach alternative to dumbbells and barbells. We use sandbags to add weight to exercises and increase strength, burn fat and increase agility.

Flipping a big tyre in the soft sand is as hard as it sounds. Giving it your best strong man impression gives you a full body workout that’s fun, with particular focus on lower body power speed and agility.



Agility hurdles
School sports day all over again. Sprint over these mini hurdles to improve your co-ordination, reactions and speed. An ideal training aid for many sports and a great cardio workout.



Resistance bands
Step inside a giant rubber band – or resistance band as it’s professionally known – and sprint as hard as you an as your partner holds you back. This cardio workout that’s fun and gets your heart racing.


Battle ropes
Make rhythmical waves with the ropes to improve your upper body strength and core fitness. Battle ropes will develop your muscular and cardio-vascular abilities as well as your mental toughness as you battle for longer.

Remember, this is just a selection of exercises in our beach fitness class which are combined in a circuit with other equipment based and bodyweight based exercises to provide a superb and complete ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT) workout.

Find out more here and call 01637 861237 or email to book your place.


HIIT explained (in one minute)
‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT) is all out effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery times and the advantages are plentiful.

HIIT training quickly brings and keeps your heart rate up and burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. You’ll also receive a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours after the session. The high intensity training pushes your body hard so you continue to burn calories as you recover from your workout.
Exercises involved train both heart and body for a complete workout that will increase your speed, endurance, agility and power.

HIIT training is totally possible outside with little to no equipment and you can do a complete workout in shorter amounts of time making it quick, convenient and fun!

When we exercise the body releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body so you’ll feel fit and you’ll feel fantastic too.

Find out more here and call 01637 861237 or email to book your place.