The Beach Hut Mule cocktail

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Everyone knows the classic recipe for a Moscow Mule cocktail, but there are many riffs. The Beach Hut Mule replaces the traditional vodka with a nip of Amaretto and Scotch Whiskey alongside the staple of ginger beer.



Serves one
12.5ml of Amaretto
12.5ml shot of Scotch Whiskey
125ml of ginger beer
A squeeze of fresh lime juice

To garnish:
A twist of lime



It’s a simple one this one. Mix the Amaretto with Scotch whisky, ice and top with ginger ale.
Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and garnish with a twist of lime.

Top tip!
If whiskey is a little too dry for you simply muddle in a couple of spoons of sugar with some lime juice and wedges before mixing.