The Beach Hut mulled wine

Nothing says Christmas more than a steaming hot glass of mulled wine. The Beach Hut mulled wine should be enjoyed on the terrace on a crisp December day.


At The Beach Hut, we’ve become rather partial to a mulled wine – or three – after a cold winter surf. Here’s the Hut’s take on the classic Christmas drink.

Makes one


2 cloves

2 orange slice

125ml Beaujolais

50ml fresh orange juice

12.5ml Hennessy VS Cognac

12.5ml Stones Ginger Wine

12.5ml Gomme

One cinnamon stick



Spike two cloves into a slice of orange.

Pre warm a thick heat-proof glass or mug.

Place the cloved orange and all of the ingredients into a milk jug or pan and steam/bring to the boil.

Pour into the pre-warmed glass and garnish with the remaining orange slice.

Use the cinnamon stick as a stirrer or as a garnish.

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