The Beach Hut Pimm’s

Anyone for Pimm’s?


The clock has struck Pimm’s o’clock in The Beach Hut! The cucumber is sliced and the strawberries diced, all we need now is you! Join us in The Beach Hut for a tall glass or even a pitcher of Pimm’s on this beautiful June day!

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the beach today we’ve got the perfect Pimm’s recipe right here. Enjoy!

Makes 1


50ml Pimm’s
3 mint leaves, plus a sprig to garnish
2 orange slices
1 strawberry to garnish
Large slice of cucumber, halved

Glass: Tall


Place the 3 mint leaves in your pal and clap, to release the oils.

Fill your glass half way with ice layering with mint leaves.

Add to the ice the orange and cucumber.

Pour in the Pimm’s and top up with lemonade.

Then garnish with a strawberry and mint sprig and enjoy!



Photography by Bella Lowe.

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