The Beach Hut sundae

A new day, a new sundae. We can’t enough of them at the bay this summer. This glorious dessert comes from The Beach Hut and layers raspberries, sorbet, double cream, coulis and brownies. YUM!

The Beach Hut Sundae

Find the recipe to our chocolate brownies here, just omit the marmalade.

Makes four


8 scoops of Treleavans Raspberry Sorbet
400ml Rodda’s Double cream
400g caster sugar
8 drops of vanilla essence
24 raspberries
400g brownie chunks
200ml raspberry coulis

Glass: Sundae


Whip the double cream together with the vanilla extract and caster sugar.

Start layering.

Start with a couple of raspberries, followed by 2-3 brownie chunks, cream, raspberry sorbet, and raspberry coulis.

Repeat until glass is full.

Top with a raspberry and a few brownie chunks.


Raspberry and Brownie Sundae

The Beach Hut Raspberry Sundae


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