Berry Mojito


Makes one


1 brown sugar cube
10ml Gomme
4 slices of lime
25ml Ederflower cordial
15 mint leaves
50ml Appleton Estate rum
35ml Raspberry Puree
Crushed ice

Glass: Curved high ball


Add the brown sugar cube, 10ml of Gittard gomme and 4 lime slices to the glass and muddle. (Mush up until sugar is crushed)

Add 25ml of elderflower cordial.

Take 8 mint leaves and clap them in your hands, this releases the flavour.

Add them to the glass.

Top up with 50ml Appleton Estate rum and 35ml raspberry puree.

Muddle for a final time to really realease the flavours.

Fill glass with crushed ice and mix to bring the ingredients through the ice.

Garnish with the remaining mint leaves.


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