Bob Dawson – coastal sculptor

Bob Dawson draws inspiration for his sculptures from the marine and coastal areas of the South West. A member of the St Ives Society of Artists, you’ll find his work on display outside the hotel entrance. We find out more.

Bob Dawson sculptures

Children eye-spy through a pin hole opening and hands glide across textured surfaces; Bob Dawson’s sculptures have created lots of interest since they were installed outside the entrance of the hotel.

Inspired by environmental and maritime issues taken from studies of the South West coastline, we were immediately drawn to Bob’s work. Observing the sea in all weathers, he sketches wave motion and captures the constantly moving forces that shape and reshape our landscape. Weathered rock formations and rugged surface textures also feature large in his work.

Bob Dawson sculptor
Bob Dawson sculptor

These two main themes are certainly present in the two sculptures on display at the hotel. Breaking Wave captures the definitive moment in a wave’s life when about to break, whereas the rugged yet somehow smooth surface of Seastone mirror the actual ones found along the coast.

Bob’s life interest in human form is also ever present in his work. “It forms the structure of my sculptures – ever-present yet sometimes hidden. It is this deeper quality in my work that is so inspiring and rewarding.”

So Breaking Wave may be the perfect inspiration for a surfer, but also the “perfect wave enfolding him in a womb-like hollow, offering security and shelter,” says Bob.

Bob Dawson sculptor
Bob Dawson sculptor

His work is currently being displayed at St Ives Society of Artists (, Fernlea Gallery in St Ives and Penwith Gallery in St Ives.

Bob Dawson is also exhibiting with four other artists as part of the ‘Five Ways’ exhibition at the Penwith Gallery in St Ives from 25 March – 12 of May, where you can see work including the maquette below.


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