BSUPA National Championships


Hosted by Extreme Academy the fifth British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA) National Championships will take place over the weekend of 4th to 6th October at Watergate Bay. Britain’s best stand up paddleboarders will head for the waves to compete for the title of National SUP Wave Champion.

Stand up paddle boarding is the oldest form of surfing and has been described as a cross between canoeing and surfing. Riders stand up on a large style of surfboard and use a single bladed paddle to steer, turn and propel themselves through the water and onto waves.

With autumn swells predicted to hit the Cornish coast, conditions could see waves of up to 6ft. Competitors will be judged on their style and how they ride the waves much like a surfing competition but with scores taking into account how surfers make use of the paddle.

The national championships will comprise of four categories: open men, open women, U16 youth boys and U16 youth girls.


BSUPA event director Richard Marsh said: “This year’s competition is wide open. Whilst there are names we know, there’s a very strong chance that someone unknown could tear apart the fleet and take the championship. It will definitely be quite a show for spectators.”

Locals Adam Zervas and Dom Moore – who won the Legend of the Bay competition back in May – have been out in the bay a lot, so I would definitely think they were strong contenders for the title.”

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The event is free to attend.

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