Christmas tips from around the Bay

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What’s festive feast can’t you do without? And what about top Christmas tips? We visited the team around the Bay to find out their top dishes and festive hints to make your big day go as smoothly as possible.


Buffy, reception, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: Pigs in blankets
Top tip: Make your own gifts – edible or crafty.

Channel, reception, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: Beef Wellington
Top tip: Make your Christmas cake six months ahead and feed it with brandy every week.

Jeannie, reception, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: Brie and cranberry melt – I’m a veggie.
Top tips: Shred your brussel sprouts and add garlic and pepper.



Elena, housekeeping, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: Turkey or lamb. In Spain we have ham and chorizo, cheese and pate – lots of little taster plates, very much like tapas.
Top tip: Spend it with your family.


Adam, The Living Space
Favourite dish: Cheese and port
Top tip: Never be a chef, you will always work on Christmas Day.


Kate, The Living Space
Favourite dish: Christmas pudding and cream
Top tip: Make a Christmas Eve gift box for your children each year including a book, hot chocolate, new PJs and something to make.

Romane, The Living Space
Favourite dish: My mum always makes a lobster with coconut milk and chilli. Not very French or Christmassy, but we love it.
Top tip: We open all our gifts on Christmas Eve night in France. I like to save one present to open on Christmas Day to spread the fun. In Provance we also have the thirteen desserts supper over Christmas which is hard work to get through all thirteen!


Gavin, The Living Space
Favourite dish: My nan’s five bird roast. Although, I have no idea what’s in it!
Top tip: When they are happy, you are happy (applied to children and partner).

Chelsea, The Living Space
Favourite dish: Pavlova
Top tip: Make your own advent calendars


Neil Haydock, executive chef, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: We are having rib of beef this year at home with Yorkshires and horseradish, honey and thyme roasted parsnips, braised red cabbage, duck fat roasties, smashed swede and carrots.
Top tip: Get ahead. Do everything that doesn’t need to be done on Christmas morning, the day before – gravy, peeling and chopping.



Martin, chef, Zacry’s
Favourite thing to eat at Christmas: Purple Quality Streets
Top tip: Bone the turkey legs and then roll them with stuffing – delicious.

Nick, chef, Zacry’s
Favourite dish: Anything, as long as it’s not Christmas pudding.
Top tip: Par boil your potatoes, fluff them up, and ALWAYS use duck fat and Cornish Sea Salt. Brussel sprouts, bacon and chestnuts are also a top festive combination with wow factor.

John, sous chef, Zacry’s
Favourite dish: Stollen
Top tip: Get the decorations up nice and early – I like to having a Christmas tree around for as long as possible.

Rich, assistant manager, Zacry’s
Top tip: Book a holiday at Christmas time and let everyone else do the running around!
Favourite dish: Pigs in blankets

Matt, manager, Zacry’s
Favourite dish: Roast goose with pickled damsons
Top tip: I used to go shooting with my family every Boxing Day. It’s great to get outside and walk off all of that roast goose.


Paula, deputy manager, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: Honey glazed ham
Top tip: Pick a wrapping theme and stick to it and don’t forget the dog. Always buy the dog a present and you will get one back.

Mark W, general manager, Watergate Bay Hotel
Favourite dish: Roast turkey and all the trimmings
Top tip: Homemade crackers. It is much more personal and allows you to put in your own gift. Your lunch guests will love it and even wear their hats!

Mark. B, maintenance
Favourite dish: Turkey
Top tip: Turn off your phone and spend some quality time with your family.


Lindsay, Swim Club
Favourite dish: Roasted cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce poured over at the end. And roast chicken – we don’t get turkeys in New Zealand.
Top tip: Make your own Christmas traditions and pass them on.

Caroline, Swim Club
Favourite dish: Roast potatoes
Top tip: Par boil your potatoes, drain and shake with the lid on to ruff up the edges. Roast in butter and salt.


Carl, manager, Extreme Academy
Favourite dish: Bring on the sprouts!
Top tip: A Christmas surf or kitesurf of course – or any activity for that matter. The beach is quiet and it’s great to blow away the cobwebs.

Nick, instructor, Extreme Academy
Favourite dish: Mince pies and red wine
Top tip: It isn’t Christmas without watching Mary Poppins.


Kaitlin, intern
Favourite dish: Sausage stuffing
Top tip: Wrap your presents in tin foil. It fits everything so easily and perfectly. Just add a silver bow.

Carly, accounts
Favourite dish: After Eights
Top tip: Get the dog out of the room before you wrap the presents to avoid any destruction.

Becky, reservations team
Favourite dish: Drink Champagne for breakfast
Top tip: Don’t eat yellow snow.

Patch, The Beach Hut
Favourite dish: Mince pies
Top tip: Eat and drink as much as possible. Then go outside for a long Christmas Day walk on the beach to work it all off.

Laura, manager, The Beach Hut
Favourite dish: Stollen
Top tip: Leave everything to Christmas Eve, then get it all done in one go. You can’t change your mind and then it’s all done.

Lisa, The Beach Hut
Favourite dish: Baileys
Top tip: Prepare everything the night before so Christmas Day is as stress free as possible.


Rob, Shop on the Beach, and Bear, dog
Favourite dish: Mince pies
Top tip: I’m a vegetarian, so it has to be include as many roast vegetables with your Christmas Day Lunch as possible to keep me happy! And visiting the beach on Christmas Day.