Coffee at Watergate Bay Hotel

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It’s fair to say we like coffee at Watergate Bay and we think our guests do too. Which is why we take it so seriously. There’s different coffee for different times of the day, made slightly differently, with different tastes and flavours, during different seasons. But one thing is the same. All our coffee comes from Origin Coffee Roasters.


Breakfast starts the day in Zacry’s with a filter coffee from Fazenda Mariano Farm in the mountainous south Minas Gerias of Brazil. The bean is freshly ground and brewed using an innovative, infusion system. This form of drip filtration from our La Marzocco machine gives a much cleaner taste, where the flavours of the coffee shine through.

The Mariano farm is located high above the spa town of Pocos De Caldas a beautiful spa town in the south Minas Gerias. Origin has been working with them for over three years. The coffee displays all of the classic flavours associated with good coffee from this mountainous region. It has lots and lots of toffee sweetness it is rich, rounded and chocolaty and has a lovely hazelnut praline taste.

Afternoon cappuccino

Head to The Living Space or The Beach Hut for your afternoon cappuccino who both also use Origin coffee. This time of year they will be using their seasonal collection blend which consists of summer bean varieties from three different farms. These beans have notes of sweet toasted pecans, chocolate, intense caramel flavour with full to medium body.

Your cappuccino will be made up of a double espresso shot of Origin coffee and frothy milk into 12oz cups. If you like a little more milk, go for a latte.


After dinner in Zacry’s you can also opt for a seasonal Origin espresso blend. Filter coffee is for breakfast, whereas cappuccino, espresso, flat whites and lattes feature large.

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Why seasonality?

Origin believes that seasonal coffee traded directly is the best way to ensure the production of exceptional coffee. It means speciality coffee created from a face to face relationship with the grower. It means Origin have visited the farm and chosen those who share a passion for truly great coffee.

Producing coffee of the highest standard requires great skill and innovation. It’s an expensive process, so expert growers are rewarded for their commitment to quality. It’s an expensive process, so F30® rewards growers for their investment and their commitment to quality, guaranteeing them a minimum of 30% above the cost of production. Responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of Origin’s coffee purchasing.

What we like about Origin is that they focus on the core message of the coffee sourcing, quality, equality, seasonality, relationship and responsibility.