Cornish Kir Royale

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Pairings of blackcurrant liqueur (cassis) and champagne have traditionally made the french cocktail Kir Royale a firm favourite. Simple and refreshing, our Kir Royale has taken a Cornish turn with Cornish cassis and Cornish sparkling wine.

To achieve a professional layered effect, pour the wine slowly off the back of a spoon and give the glass a light stir to combine. 

Cornish Kir Royale Camel Valley


25ml Atlantic Cassis
Topped with Camel Valley 'Cornwall' Brut
Garnish with a lime peel


Served in a champagne flute

  1. Pour Cornish Cassis into the bottom of the champagne flute
  2. Top with Camel Valley 'Cornwall' Brut.
  3. Add a twist of lime peel to garnish if you like.
Cornish Kir Royale Lime

Camel Valley

Vineyards across the Cornish hills? Not something you might expect, but Camel Valley vineyard has been here since 1989. Nestled inland far protected from the wild winds of the north coast, the vineyards have thrived and Camel Valley have consistently won numerous awards for their sparkling wines, Camel Valley is really putting competitors across Europe through their paces. 

Cornish Kir Royale Layers Cassis