Cornish Negroni

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A Cornish take on the classic Italian Negroni cocktail, using vermouth from the Knightor Winery and a very special Cornish gin from Tinkture

English roses 'sing' out of this Cornish distilled gin when stirred, not shaken. Take your time, then pour over ice in a tall glass.

Cornish Negroni Tinkture


25ml Tinkture Rose Gin
25ml Knightor Rose Vermouth
25ml Knightor White Vermouth


Served in a tall glass

  1. Fill a mixing glass with ice
  2. Add gin, rose and white vermouth and stir until your arm gets tired.
  3. Pour into a tall glass
  4. Top with a twist of orange peel if you like.

Tink and Tonic

Tinkture Rose gin turns pink when mixed, turning the amber coloured spirit rose pink before your eyes. The accidental creation uses English roses from the south-west, inventor Hannah describes her "Rose Gin as a sensuous walk through a garden in bloom - not a brutal floral punch to the senses'. It's the delicate ingredient which makes this Cornish Negroni particularly refreshing.

Cornish Negroni