Damon's coffee art

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Stop and talk to one of our staff at Watergate Bay and you’ll probably discover something very interesting about them, be it they are a professional surfer, are in a band or have a, until recently, undiscovered talent for latte art.

That’s what happened when we stopped for a chat with Damon, Zacry’s.


Latte art

Having always had a flair for art, enjoying drawing and sketching, he never realised he could transfer the skill on to the canvas of coffee. On seeing the chaps in the Living Space free pouring flowers and hearts on to the top of their drinks Damon was inspired to give it a go himself. After a little research into the latte art scene, he discovered a group of people in New York drawing on to the foam of a latte and set about making his own creations.


It’s been all of two weeks since Damon gave latte art a try and it’s safe to say if he can achieve this is two weeks imagine what he’ll be doing in two months even two years down the line.