Dirty Dozen

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Surfers Against Sewage and their latest sculpture highlighting the impact of plastic pollution
Credit PA Media 2

On August 11 2021, Surfers Against Sewage launched their latest campaign at Watergate Bay, raising awareness of branded packaging pollution and calling out the companies responsible. 

The Dirty Dozen

Surfers Against Sewage coordinated the largest beach clean event where over 50,000 volunteers took part in 600 cleans, covering 350,000 miles in total. The collections were monitored and used as part of the brand audit to identify the top 12 most polluting companies. Read the full report. 

Surfers against sewage art installation

Exposing 12 companies responsible for 65% of branded packaging pollution, the report names many household brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, Heineken, Walkers, McDonalds and Cadbury. 

This campaign brought focus to the plastic pollution issue and called on companies to reduce their packaging and switch to refill models. The team also called on the government to introduce an 'all-in' Deposit Return Scheme for all drinks containers of all sizes. 

Read more about the campaign on EXPOSED: Dirty Dozen Fuelling The UK's Packaging Pollution Crises


Credit PA Media 3