The face works

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The Face Works is a new Swim Club facial treatment which has been added to compliment the Fast, Drench and Renew facials. It is a 75 minute treatment which cleanses, exfoliates, combines massage and hot and cold stones, a mask and moisturise.

Why choose a facial?

Facials are treatments for the face that are designed to cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturise the skin. For many, facials not only make you feel relaxed and pampered but also a way to improve the skins appearance and health. Facials are good to regenerate and cleanse and for anyone who has problems with their skin and general relaxation.

What is The Face Works?

The face works is more indulgent than our other facials as it includes an extra stimulating face massage.

After a consultation, you start with a cleanse and exfoliation. The skin on your face is more sensitive so requires a milder cleanser and exfoliator than you would use on your body. Cleansing removes any surface dirt and impurities, while exfoliation removes any dry skin, ground in dirt and dead skin cells, encouraging skin rejuvenation.

Hot stones are then used to massage the face. The heat can be both relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work deeply, more quickly. It is also used to aid drainage.

The stimulating massage follows the hot stones and is much more vigorous than a usual facial massage. It can be done sitting upright and the face is massaged upwards, to work the muscles against gravity. It also helps circulation. After the massage, the cold stones provide a deeper state of relaxation and help to release tension.

The face mask and scalp massage follows and then the skin is moisturised to readdress the moisture balance of the skin.

Who should have The Face Works?

It’s designed for all.

Anyone who enjoys facials and wants to stimulate their skin and who wants some ‘me’ time to relax. It's an opportunity to experience all the elements Swim Club has to offer.

The Face Works can be adapted for a pregnancy treatment.