Fried green tomatoes with crab


Whilst on a trip to the America, Executive Chef, Neil Haydock, stumbled across this dish and has created our very own Watergate Bay version. Green tomatoes are basically unripe tomatoes. You couldn’t do the same recipe with a ripe tomato as you would loose the firmness. This is perfect for those who grow their own tomatoes at home.

Neil will be demoing this recipe at this years Flavor Fest in Plymouth on Saturday 17th August 2013 and at Cornwall Food & Drink Festival in Truro on 27th-29th September 2013, in support of our love of heritage tomatoes from Buttervilla.

This dish is often found on the specials board at the Living Space and in the hotel’s dining room., or follow our recipe to make at home.

Serves 4


For the tomatoes
Four green beef tomatoes
One egg
200g plain flour
200g dried bread crumbs
One tsp of paprika

For the crab
One large red chilli
One lemon
50g chopped chives
360g picked white crab meat
200ml extra virgin olive oil

For the mayo
Half a clove of garlic
One egg yolk
600ml pommace oil
Two spring onions
Micro basil


Slice the green tomatoes about 1cm thick. Don’t use the ends, these can be frozen and kept for chutney.
Beat the egg and flour together to form a thick paste and season.
Dip the slices of tomato in the paste and coat in dried bread crumbs and paprika.

For the crab, split the chilli half length ways, de-seed and chop finely. Keep the trimmings.
Zest half a lemon and add with the chilli and chives to the crab meat.
Season with salt, the juice of half a lemon and olive oil to taste.

To make the mayo use the chilli trimmings, half a clove of garlic and the remainder of the lemon juice to create a paste in a pestle and mortar.
Add the egg yolk, drizzle in half the pommace oil and season with salt to taste.

In a frying pan heat the remainder of the pommace oil and fry the tomatoes until golden and crispy.

Load your plate with fried tomatoes and top with crab, mayo, spring onion and micro basil.


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