Get fit in 2015: cardio cycle #GetfitWGB

Get on your bike and on the road to fitness in 2015 with cardio cycling or ‘spinning’. We chatted with our Extreme Academy manager and cardio cycle instructor, Carl, to find out why the group sport is perfect to keep you motivated during the dark months.



If the thought of cardio cycling, or spinning, fills you with dread, then you’re not alone. At least you weren’t until this guinea pig agreed to jump in the saddle and finally give the class at Watergate Bay a ago.

For those not in the know, cardio cycle has grown in popularity in recent years as a full cardiovascular workout. The special stationary exercise bikes feature a single front wheel and a resistance break which you can adjust to adjust the intensity of the workout, just as if you were cycling up or down hill.

“It can be really hard to drag yourself for a cycle when it’s cold, dark and wet outside, but that’s where cardio cycle comes in,” says instructor Carl.



“There are no excuses in a dry, well-conditioned and lit studio. When you’re part of a group activity like spinning, you’re also much less likely to drop out – the motivation of other people saying ‘see you next week’ really works.”

“We’ve got a good mix of regular locals in the class as well as hotel guests but we never have more than six bikes going at a time. In this way it’s a pretty bespoke class with individual one-to-one advice.”

Plus, when you’ve got rip-roaring tunes pumping out and Carl himself advising, encouraging and working out besides you, it’s hard not to get in the zone.

And get in that lost closed-eye workout zone you will. But as I learn, it’s nothing to be frightened of. Cardio cycling is as much playing with your bike’s resistance to find your own pace as it is pushing yourself to work up a sweat.

“The great thing with cardio cycling is that it really is an inclusive sport. In effect you could be cycling next to Chris Hoy and both be having a tough work out!”

Just bring a water bottle and yourself.



Cardio cycle facts

  • It’s low impact, so you can keep going for longer
  • You can burn anywhere from 400 to 600-plus calories depending on your intensity and how long you’re in the saddle
  • You’ll get a full body workout, not just the legs (although if your arms a little sore from surfing then a spinning class is perfect)
  • You’ll leave feeling euphoric!

Cardio cycle sessions at Watergate Bay are approximately 50 minutes long and cost £8 per person per session. Towels are provided.

Monday – 9am
Thursday – 10:30am

For more information please visit our cardio & studio page online or contact the reservations team on 01637 861237 or email [email protected] to book.

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