Get fit in 2015: surfing #GetfitWGB

Next up in our series of ‘get fit for 2015’ blog posts is surfing – the ultimate mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise that’s fun and super addictive.

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Anyone who’s taken to the surf to battle the oncoming waves will know how much of a physically demanding sport surfing can be. And just how exhilarating and addictive it is too. For most people, surfing is not a sport, but a passion.

“With researchers suggesting that everyone should do at least 20 minutes of exercise a day to see substantial health benefits, getting fit is more important than ever,” says Carl Coombes, manager at the Extreme Academy.

“Surfing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, with strength, balance and flexibility being three key components. Benefits of these include weight loss, maintaining a healthy heart and muscle toning.

“And you don’t need scientists to prove that surfing helps to reduce stress and anxiety – although they have done. Getting out among the elements is the best place to be to get fit.”



Carl tells us more about the impact surfing can have on your fitness:

– Paddling around in the surf is a great form of aerobic activity – that’s exercise that gently raises the heartbeat and maintains this higher rate, similar to walking up a coastal path

– Explosive paddling, such as when paddling out back into the surf or paddling for a wave, is anaerobic activity, which is the best form of exercise for achieving weight loss and increasing strength

– Lying on your board and popping up to your feet is a similar motion to a press up, working the chest and tricep muscles

– Other muscles you’ll work include arms, shoulders, back, quads and hamstrings

– Surfing is great for agility, balance and strengthening your core

– Proven to reduces stress, tension and anxiety while building confidence

– Increased levels of fitness can also lead to increased energy levels

– As the Bay’s oldest surfer, Woolfman, has proved, surfing is an ageless sport which can be done well into your 60s and 70s

– Surfing is complimented by sports such as yoga and Pilates which help to further strengthen your core muscles

Increased flexibility should also lead to fewer injuries

– Just putting on a neoprene wetsuit can be a workout in itself sometimes! As can wading through the shallow surf. Try to remember this on those occasions when you don’t feel you caught many waves

So what are you waiting for? Get on out there!

Learn to surf with Carl and the boys at the Extreme Academy. Call 01637 860840 or email [email protected] to book or to find out more information.

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