Get fit in 2015: yoga #GetfitWGB

After being skeptical for years, we’re now complete yoga converts. Here’s the reasons why we’re feeling much better physically and mentally, all thanks to yoga.



It’s true that we’ve been guilty of dismissing yoga in the past as hardly being exercise at all. But after trying all sorts of gym classes and techniques to get fit and take a break out of the daily stresses of life, nothing works its magic quite like yoga.

An ancient form of exercise originating in India around 5,000 years ago, yoga moves through a series of body postures while focusing on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost your physical and mental wellbeing. At Watergate Bay, we run two yoga classes a week that are open to non-residents and hotel guests alike. We also offer free classes once a week to staff.

Here’s 10 reasons why we became converts:

1. Improves your flexibility – you’ll notice an improvement after a few weeks and that aches and pains start to disappear

2. Perfects your posture – learning how to stand and sit correctly can also reduce fatigue

3. Prevents cartilage and joint problems – we’ve had fewer injuries from other sports such as running

4. Increases blood flow – improving your circulation gets more oxygen to your cells and organs which helps the body function better as a result

5. Boosts immunity – many people claim to fall ill less frequently since practicing yoga. This is down to the drainage of lymph glands

6. It’s a cardiovascular workout – although less vigorous than other forms of exercise, dynamic yoga does raise your heart beat

7. Makes you happier – consistent yoga practice can help ease depression and anxiety

8. Helps you to focus – yoga is all about focusing on the present and studies have found it can improve reaction time and memory

9. Improves your balance – all the better for surfing and as we grow older

10. Founds healthy lifestyle – yoga can often be the founding principle behind life changes including being more active, eating less and improving peace of mind.


Did you know?

According to a recent group of scientists from the US and Netherlands, yoga could be as effective at combating heart disease as traditional aerobic exercise, providing the same benefits in reducing heart disease as biking or brisk walking.

Yoga classes are available to non-residents as well as guests of the hotel.

Tuesday: 10:30am & Friday: 10:30am (1 hour classes)

To book please contact the reservations team on 01637 861237, or email [email protected]

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