Get fit in 2015: Military Beach Fitness #GetfitWGB

RAF St Mawgan’s popular Military Beach Fitness class returns to Watergate Bay on Saturday 18 July starting at 1030 hours. It’s like ‘drop down and give me twenty’, but far more fun and far less intimidating – one of our most favourite #getfitWGB activities.

Military beach fitness at Watergate Bay

Military-style fitness classes have boomed in popularity in recent years, but at Watergate Bay we like to add all the best bits of the beach into the equation too.

RAF St Mawgan – who are based just up the road – are once again offering the expertise of their highly trained Royal Air Force Physical Training Instructors for a fitness session right on the beach here at Watergate Bay. It’s one of our favourite #getfitWGB activities.

Last year’s event was hugely popular with perfect work-out weather conditions. But if it rains who cares. And you don’t need to be super fit to join the WGB ranks as the session is open to all abilities for those 18+ years old. It’s a free session, but entrants are encouraged to donate to this year’s supported charities. Classes are 45-60 minutes long.

Don’t worry – this isn’t a recruiting drive, but of course the team very much welcome the opportunity to talk about the role of the RAF in St Mawgan, and give participants the chance to see the passion and ethos of the military and part of our training regime.

Military beach fitness at Watergate Bay
Military beach fitness at Watergate Bay
Military beach fitness at Watergate Bay

Seven reasons why you should give military beach fitness a go

It’s fun: Trust us, it’s far more fun and far less intimidating than it sounds.

It’s effective: Military-style workouts are a proven way of getting fit, losing weight and feeling great. Throw the sand into the mix and you’ll be working your legs even harder than normal too.

You’re part of a team: If you struggle motivating yourself to exercise then group fitness is for you. You might even meet some new friendly faces.

We provide the expertise and the motivation: You just turn up!

You’ll be pushed to the limits: It’s a lot easier to give that extra 110% with a military instructor shouting in front of you. We find shouting back just as loudly helps too.

Variety: Boxing gloves and pads, power bags, medicine balls, skipping and good old fashioned squats. You won’t be bored.

No sweaty gym:
Just two-miles of golden sand, the sea breeze and a view to forget that you’re working out. Almost.

Military beach fitness at Watergate Bay

How do you sign up?

There are limited spaces, so to book your place or to find out more please contact Sam Hunt on 01637 857417 or email [email protected] .

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