Our new GUL Waterman wetsuits

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Hand planing is the latest craze to take hold on the Cornish shores and our guys at the Extreme Academy try and get into the surf with a hand plane as often as possible. Hand planing requires a lot of swimming without a board to offer buoyancy, so it can be quite tiring especially when wearing a standard wetsuit. Recently we received a set of Waterman wetsuits from our friends at GUL to use specifically on our on hand planing lessons, here’ s why they have made such a difference.


The new Waterman suit

Designed specifically for open water swimming the suits enable you to swim more efficiently whilst keeping you buoyant and streamline.

The new Waterman suit has been scientifically created for swimmers in triathlon events. With extra stretch in the arms and chest, you can move easier in the water whilst thicker neoprene in the bum and leg areas gives buoyancy. The suit is also single lined so that you don’t get cold early on and then don’t get too hot once you have worked up a sweat. It comes off easily too, which is important in a triathlon race, for our guys it just means they can get changed quickly after a lesson.

Extreme Academy are going to use the suits for hand planing lessons due to the amount of swimming they need to do. They’re perfect for powering through waves. For customers, standard winter or summer GUL wetsuits will be offered to keep their body temperature up while they are learning.

We took the suits out to break them in… take a look.