Hand planing with Extreme Academy

Hand planing – a turbo-charged version of bodysurfing


Hand planing is a means of bodysurfing; using the small plane to lift yourself in the water and ride the waves to the shore line. It’s an easy sport to learn but can take years of practice to become a master and perform some of the more difficult techniques. Hand planing is an infectious sport; it gives a real adrenaline rush that’ll keep you coming back for more.


How to get started

Firstly get along to the Extreme Academy for a hand planing lesson.

Stage one
Walking into the water and understand how to catch a wave without the use of planes, surfboards or any other equipment. It’s just you and the waves.

Stage two
Use a hand plane (either hand) and stand in waist deep water and It’s time to catch your first wave. The hand plane gives you elevation on the wave which helps you see where you are going, gives you directional control, and helps with positioning.

Stage three
Out to sea! You’ll now be moving into deeper water and body surfing on bigger waves. Here we add fins for extra propulsion and to assist in directional control. This is it; you’ve hit the big time! In the deeper water you’ll be shredding the face of the waves, reaching high speeds and confirming that you are now addicted to hand planing.


Hand planing tips

Timing is everything and you learn that through practice.

Plenty of leg work is involved to propel you forward to catch the wave, wear fins to add extra oomph! But don’t forget to wear wetsuit socks for comfort.

The best position is in the pocket of the wave – where the green face meet the white water – this is where the wave is at its most powerful.

Use your free hand to trim, balance and lift, this meas you’ll have more control in the water

The hand plane gives elevation whilst the other hand is balancing your body.

You can hand plane in all conditions. The main difference is the power of the wave and more physical effort needed when the waves are smaller.

Hand planing is a great cardio vascular work out as your metabolism works at a greater rate but without using excess energy.


We love hand planing at the Extreme Academy as you are in direct contact with the waves’ energy which feeds into your body making for a truly exhilerating experience. We run two hour lessons at £20 per person, or you can hire all of your equipment from the Extreme Academy hire shop infront of the beach.

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