Harry and Mark’s winter surfing adventures

Being local to Watergate Bay, surfers Harry – sponsored by the Extreme Academy – and Gul rider Mark eat, live and breathe the surf. We caught up with them to find out about their winter adventures.


Mark Harris has been playing around and perfecting his GoPro camera this winter.

Harry Timson

Despite jet setting around the world for the last few months, our Extreme Academy rider Harry still managed to squeeze in a few surfs at his home break at Watergate Bay (below) and around Cornwall.


Meanwhile, a few Cornish south coast missions finally paid off.

“I’ve been training for a trip to Indonesia for a good couple of months now so that I can be as fit as possible for when I get there.*” *the waves in Indonesia is some of the most powerful and consistent in the world, so being fit is really important!

“The whole point of my Indo trip is to get photos for magazines, make a video, and most importantly train for the up and coming surf contests in Europe during the summer months.

“Hopefully after three months of training I’ll be ready for the European summer – travelling around with the Volcom team, heading back down to France doing some contests and hopefully getting some good results.

“I really want to do well this year as I’ll be twenty at the end of the 2015 and these contests will be my last as a junior professional in the World Surfing League (WSP), formerly the ASP. Let’s just hope the waves and a little bit of luck are on my side.

“I’m still hoping to visit the Mentawaii Islands off the Indonesian coast. They’re every surfer’s dream so hopefully I can go there at least once. Until then though, I’ve got the competitions in France, Spain and Portugal to concentrate on!”

Mark ‘Egor’ Harris


“At the end of last year I was competing on the UK pro surf tour and at the same time looking for great waves to play with my GoPro camera that Gul have kindly supplied me with! I had to create a tail cam on one of my boards to capture this unique angle of riding the tube – it’s been super fun trying to capture a new angle of my surfing. I’m naming the new craze ‘tube selfies’!


“This photo above was taken at the end of January during a big winter storm – surf spots that are peacefully flat in the summer really come alive in the winter! This was a secret spot towards St Ives which delivers great tubes, and I managed to get the GoPro view of this one. I love surfing in the winter at home in Cornwall.”

“That said, I also scored these great waves in Scotland.


“A friend and I have also been practicing some tow-in surfing on his jet ski. We’re waiting for the right conditions for this but we’ll keep you posted….

“Competing last year was fun. I ended up third on the tour which I’m proud of looking back now, but at the time I had full intentions to win as I felt good and had great boards under my feet from my sponsors quiver.

“It has kept me hungry to go for the title again this year and I’m already looking forward to the English nationals at Watergate Bay which kicks off the competitive season.”

The English National Surfing Championships is being held at Watergate Bay over the weekend of 2/3/4 of May 2015.

If you can’t wait until then, learn to surf with the boys at the Extreme Academy. Call 01637 860840 or email [email protected] to book or to find out more information.

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