Hot Gin and Tonic

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Trust us. When it's cold outside, hot gin and tonic is the answer. We use a tonic syrup combined with hot water to recreate the flavour of the tonic. 

A very simple drink without the need for any special equipment, it's the ideal winter warmer for you to make at home. 

Hot Gin And Tonic Orange


35ml Trevethan Honey Oak Gin
25ml Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup
Hot water.


Served in a mug

  1. Pour Jack Rudy tonic into a thermal glass or mug. 
  2. Add honey gin and hot water.
  3. Add a slice of orange.

Trevethan Gin

Local Cornish hedgerow ingredients have been going into making Trevethan Gin since 1929. Each batch is distilled by hand and the same traditional methods and recipe are used to this day. The Trevethan Honey Oak gin gives a warming winter feeling to this hot gin and tonic recipe.

Hot Gin And Tonic