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One thing we receive a lot of questions about at Watergate Bay is our interior design. In fact, our last interior design post is still among the most popular on the blog. So we’ve rounded up another lot of the main features, this time from our Ocean Wing rooms.

Interior design is one of those things. Some let it pass them by, a permanent, passive feature of their landscape. They’ll happily wander in it, not knowing any better, like a cleverly designed town plan or a starry sky.

Others have a keen eye for it, feeling fabrics and inspecting colour schemes as often as they might stop to appreciate Orion on a clear night. The “details people”, if you like.

In either case, whether you’re among the impassive or the impressed, it takes a thorough process to get it right.

Household Design, the team behind interior design at Watergate Bay, are unquestionably detail people. We’ve worked closely with them to produce the hotel as you see it.

Read on to find out where they sourced the elements that bring our Ocean Wing rooms to life.

Ocean Wing rooms

1. Anglepoise 1228 floor lamp with white shade. See on
2. Cushion fabric Antartic – Herring Gul from Olicana. Visit the Olicana homepage and click on “Horizons 3”.
3. Vinci Lounge Chair from UHS Contracts. See on

4. Original BTC Task Solo desk lamp. See on the Original BTC homepage.
5. Noble & Wood Loop Mirror. See on
6. Chair, Vinci from UHS. See on
7. Console table; a bespoke design for Watergate Bay from UHS.
8. Side table, Granville also from UHS. See on

9. Original BTC Short Task wall light in Putty. Original BTC homepage.
10. Mustard yellow throw, available in house at Watergate Bay Hotel.
11. Cushion fabric Tasman – Herring Gul from Olicana. Visit the Olicana homepage and click on “Horizons 3”.


12. Kinsale side table from PR Home.
13. Outdoor Savoy chair by PR Home.

See the rooms in full detail, take a virtual tour or book from the rooms page.

Let us know in the comments if you have any favourite features at the hotel.