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Our designer

Cornish designer, Matt Hulme from Dynargh Design, made his mark at Watergate Bay when he created the interiors for the continental bar, Watchful Mary. As well as looking good, Matt’s projects have to work as functional spaces; bedrooms, bars and restaurants, so he was our first choice when it came to redesigning our two sea view suites too.

Watchful Mary Bar Sunset

Watchful Mary

Facing directly towards the ocean with baths in the bay window, and a snug lounge area, our sea view suites are our very best rooms in the hotel. Suites 1 and 21.

The new designs mix texture in Watchful Mary, from the timber walls with patterned cushions and vibrant colours. Soft lighting and key pieces of furniture all focus towards the floor to ceiling view of the beach. 

Interior Design Wm 1
Interior Design Wm 2
Interior Design Wm 3

Design notes

Take some inspiration from Matt’s design notes and create a similar style at home. Pieces have been sourced from HK Living, Designers Guild, Garden Trading and Nkuku.

  1. Bar stool
    Textured burnt timber finish to the bespoke stool – the colour is to link with the blackened Oak wall cladding.

  2. Upholstered stool
    Cracked green leather seat pad – to link with the flash of green concept – together with textured timber framework.

  3. Dining chair
    Rattan dining chair to bring texture and a slightly more informal feeling to the space, rather than any formal type of seating.

  4. Dining table
    Aged brass top to bring in a material that will age further over time - the more marked it gets the better it will look.

  5. Pendant lights
    Textured rattan pendant lights hung at staggered heights and in various locations in order to create additional interest to the ceiling and create a focal point during darker months when the view is lost.

  6. Timber floor:
    Concept for the bespoke floor was to install a floor that already looked slightly worn and battered – like people had already walked through with sand and worn out the colour.

  7. Pendant lights to back wall
    Silver birch branches stripped to the bark and then polished and dipped so that bottom has a gradient black finish – to again link with the black wall cladding and other furniture elements.

  8. Side table and high table
    Again all about the texture and finish of the timber – with the base of the high table in a blackened Oak to link various pieces together.

  9. Ceiling detail
    I know I have explained previously – but concept was to replicate the ripples of sand on the beach caused by the tide – created with the use of live edge Cornish oak planks individually hung at different heights

  10. External furniture
    Bespoke teak furniture in order to ensure that the interior aesthetic also linked to the external furniture – in terms of a textured finish to the furniture.
Watchful Mary Sunset

Interior design

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Watchful Mary is now home to Emily Scott Food