James the Guillemot

It’s been a busy week at Watergate Bay, on Tuesday we had Navy Southern Diving Unit from Plymouth on the beach to dispose of a WW2 bomb at the South End of the beach. But near the central part of the beach we discovered a guillemot that was in quite a lot of distress.

It was struggling to get up onto its feet and couldn’t fly.


Considering guillemots only come into land to nest it was clear we needed to step in and give the fella a helping hand.

James from the hotel, who we later named the guillemot after, approached the bird and gently picked it up wrapping it in his jacket.


We took the bird up to the hotel and called RSPB to let them know of the situation. They advised us that James the guillemot was probably exhausted and needed to rest in a dark space for at least an hour.

We tucked him away in a safe place and left him to sleep.

After an hour we spoke to RSPB again who said the next step was to try and release James back onto the beach but if he was still struggling they would come and take him to hospital and treat him.


We took James back to the place we’d picked him up and away he went. Rejuvenated and energetic he flew up to the cliffs to re-join his family.

Nice to meet you James!

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