Get fit in 2015: swimming #getfitWGB

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Planning on getting fit post-Christmas? Our Swim Clinic instructor, Salim, tells us how swimming can improve your fitness without impacting your joints.


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‘Get fit’ will no doubt fall at the top of many a New Year resolution’s list, but what sport takes your fancy? If you haven’t been in the pool since primary school, then a lot has changed.

We caught up with our Swim Clinic instructor Salim to find out why swimming could be your ticket to fitness and health.

Top 10 reasons to start swimming
1. It exercises all the main muscle groups

2. Swimming has virtually zero impact on joints – the closest thing you’ll get to training in zero gravity

3. Natural resistance is created by the water – so no weight-lifting is required

4. Can be performed in the sea or indoors

5. Is proven to release more endorphins than almost any other form of moderate continuous exercise, plus it reduces anxiety

6. Reduces anxiety and heart rate

7. It’s what Swim Lab likes to term a ‘Tardis Sport’ ie it’s a skill that you can continue to improve with as you get older. You can swim faster and further!

8. Swimming improves circulation, flexibility and maintains all round mobility and has a direct affect on reducing the risk of arthritis, and the development of mobility issues with joints

9. Knowing how to swim is a skill for life

10. It’s also great for pregnant women or people with disabilities to keep fit and enjoy


Swimming in numbers:
• Swimming for as little as once a week for 20 minutes will maintain your fitness and may produce marginal fitness gain

• Swimming twice a week, will lead to distinct improvement in speed, efficiency and overall fitness

• Swimming three or more times a week, will result in significant improvement on most fronts

• Any time in the water, even from five to 60 minutes will be beneficial. So jump in, even if you don’t think you have the time


And finally
Going mad in the pool or sea should not be the preserve of children! Swimming unstructured and doing whatever you like – dive, do handstands, see how long you can hold your breath, swim underwater, or perhaps just float on your back for a while – it all helps your body and mind get comfy with water.

The next Swim Clinic will take part from 6 March to 8 March.