Kitesurfing Santa

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Santa spotted kitesurfing at Watergate Bay!


Imagine our surprise when we spotted Santa and his helper on the beach at Watergate Bay this morning. And we were even more surprised to learn that Santa is massive an extreme sports fan, with kitesurfing right at the top of his Christmas list.


Confronted with a strong north westerly onshore wind reaching up to 24mph, Santa had to ditch his sleigh and his reindeer at the North Pole. However, compared with the sub-minus temperatures he’s used to for nearly 12 months of the year, the conditions at Watergate Bay are positively tropical. He’s anything but put off.

With everything perfect for a kitesufing session, we managed to catch up with him and his elf helper, Al, to get some exclusive footage of them enjoying the water, wind and waves.

Ever the optimist, Santa said: “Watergate Bay is THE beach when I’m looking to combine kitesurfing with waves.


“On a windy day like today, most surfers won’t even get out of bed – but don’t forget, it’s absolutely perfect for kitesurfing! Watergate Bay will work on anything from a north to a south west wind. And with two and half mile beach to play with, there’s plenty of space to fine tune my air time.”


“It’s the perfect antitode to beat the stress in the run up to Christmas so if you’re stuck what to get me this Christmas, a nice new kite and wetsuit won’t go a miss. Come January, you’ll know where you’ll find me. Merry Christmas!”

Want to join Santa? Learn to kite surf with the Extreme Academy – a British Kite Surfing Association approved school based right on the beach at Watergate Bay.

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