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All our coffee at Watergate Bay Hotel and The Beach Hut comes from our friends at Origin Coffee. A local Cornish coffee brewing company from Porthleven, west Cornwall.

We love our coffee and hope you do too. But do you know your latte from your cappuccino, or your piccolo from your ristretto? If not, here’s our guide to the perfect cup with a little bit of help from Origin.

And, don’t miss our Beach Hut Brunch with a coffee tasting demo with Dave from Origin on Saturday 12 October. Book your place.


Coffee terms


The guy or gal who prepares the coffee and operates the espresso machine. Coffee making is almost a science on its own and top barista’s are worth their weight in gold! Great coffee beans do not guarantee a great cup of coffee.

There is even World Barista Championships which Origin have taken part in.


The crema is the emulsification of oils on the top of your coffee. It is the best way to tell if your coffee is fresh and has been brewed correctly – if you know what to look for. A well-made coffee should have a reddish mottling on the surface of the black coffee shot

Coffee types

-Single/double espresso

An espresso is a single shot of coffee (0.6oz), served in a small 2oz cup with no milk.


A double espresso and hot water. A softer hit, always served black in an 8-10oz cup. The water is added first, allowing it to cool slightly before adding the coffee.

-Espresso macchiato/ macchiato

A single or double espresso with glossy, steamed latte milk (frothy) dolloped into the centre using a spoon. In The Beach Hut we refer to it as an espresso with a spoonful of micro foam.

A shot of espresso combined with silky smooth warm milk, the perfect way to appreciate the coffee’s nutty aroma without it being too strong. Hot air is added to the milk before the pour to make it silky. The main criteria that defines a latte is that the layer of milk foam on top is a maximum of 1cm deep. Cups 10oz or less will be fine with a single shot of espresso but larger cups need two shots to prevent them becoming too weak.

Latte’s in The Beach Hut are served in a 12oz cup.


A classic strong coffee created with a velvety blend of double espresso and thick warm milk. Like the latte, hot air is added to the milk but for a longer time, so the proportion of air to milk is higher than in a latte (latte milk is more milky). A cappuccino is a stronger coffee than a latte as it has less liquid.

To be called a cappuccino the drink must have a minimum of 1cm of foam on top. As cup size increases past the 10oz mark not only does it need two shots for strength, but the foam content may be upped to a maximum of 30% of the cup. A ‘dry cappuccino’ will have more than 30% of the cup taken up by the foamy head.

Cappuccino’s in The Beach Hut are served in a 12oz cup.



Ristretto is a shorter, stronger style of espresso. Very, very intense.


A single or double espresso with the cup topped up with latte milk (not as aerated as cappuccino milk). Essentially a miniature latte in an espresso cup.

-Flat white

A New Zealand style of coffee always served in a cup no bigger than 10oz and always with a double ristretto as the espresso base. Flat white it topped with very lightly foamed milk – 0.5cm or less. A bit more punch to a cappuccino. The perfect morning cup!

Flat white’s in The Beach Hut are served in a 7oz cup.


Coffee, chocolate and milk. Basically a latte with a shot of chocolate. It’s a sweeter cappuccino.

-Cafe au lait

Part esspresso, part hot water and part hot milk. Delicious!

Whatever way you drink your coffee we hope you enjoy it and if you get the opportunity try to find out where in the world your coffee comes from and how it is produced. Working with Origin we can be reassured that they know how their coffee if grown because they visit the farms directly and work with them. They see first hand that the conditions are right for the beans and for the works.

So, as well as making great tasting coffee Origin share the same ethics as we do, which is really important when we are looking for a supplier.

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