‘Lava Lova’ – Valentine’s cocktail

Let the heat rise this Valentine’s Day by making our lava lamp inspired cocktail, guaranteed to impress on both flavour and effort.

Available on the specials board in the The Living Space.



20ml fruit compote
20ml chilli syrup
10ml sugar syrup
75ml prosecco

Glass: Champagne flute


– Add chilli and sugar syrup to 20ml of fruit compote.
– Spoon 20ml of fruit compote into the bottom of your glass. It doesn’t have to be completely smooth, leaving a few small piece of fruit will add to the lava lamp effect once you add prosecco.
– Then using a cocktail spoon gently pour 125ml prosecco on top.
– Garnish with a chocolate dipped strawberry cut into a heart shape.

Sit back and watch the fruit rise and fall. Enjoy love birds!


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